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September 1, 2004

Saturday Sept 4. DHH Gathering at Farmers Market, Los Angeles

From: WRAD/HLO - Sept 1, 2004

WELCOME to our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Gathering at the famous Farmers Market in Los Angeles on 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue on Saturday September 4th from 7pm until around midnight.

We will meet at the Coffee Bean venue by the Farmers Market Tower Clock. Hearing people and friends of the deaf and hard of hearing are very welcome to our event.

There are many restaurants to choose in the area for your dining pleasure.

Many food venues at Farmers Market close by 9pm so come early. Others remain open around the Grove area until late. You can park your vehicle at the Grove parking lot or at Farmers Market parking lot for a fee. Validations are accepted for a reduced fee.

You can buy Magic Mountain tickets for Saturday September 18th there as we will have people selling tickets for $21 per person. Only cash or cashier's checks or money orders are accepted.

See you this Saturday September 4th at Farmers Market.
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