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October 30, 2002

Rochester Family Mourns Woman`s Death

From: WROC, NY
Oct. 30, 2002

(Nicole Johnson, WROC-TV)

The family of a Rochester woman found dead in Leroy over the weekend is also concerned about her baby.

Kisha Sullivan's family tells News 8 Now they have no idea where her one-year old baby boy is, or her boyfriend, the father of the child.

Sullivan's family said they don't suspect her boyfriend in her death but they do say it's odd he hasn't called since the news of her murder was made public.

Kisha Sullivan was deaf and lived in an apartment building on Culver Road with her one year old baby boy.

Her grandmother, Francis Rudolph says, "I can't understand or figure out who have done the things they done to her and took her life brutally."

The family feels the sorrow and pain of losing a loved one for a second time.

In 1991 Kisha's cousin was also murdered.

"I always pray everyday since my grandson died for the lord to please don't let this happen to me again," says Rudolph.

Sherrill Prather's murder was solved. Kisha's family hopes for the same outcome in her killing.

Her grandmother has faith in the police. "I know, I got faith," says Rudolph. "I know they will be caught."

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