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October 31, 2002

Man killed, house destroyed, after fracas

From: Jamaica Observer, Jamaica
Oct. 31, 2002

LINCOLN WARD, Observer St Elizabeth correspondent
Thursday, October 31, 2002

ONE man was stabbed to death and a three-bedroom dwelling house destroyed by fire, arising from a dispute at Bethsalem district in north west St Elizabeth on Monday.

ead is Roger Sutherland 24, of a Kintyre, St Andrew address, while in hospital, is thirty year-old Lincoln Burnett of Bethsalem, who is suffering from machete wounds.

Reports are that at about 1:30 pm a dispute developed between Sutherland and Burnett who is deaf-mute. During the ensuring fracas, a knife was used to stab Sutherland in the chest and other parts of the body. Sutherland collapsed and was rushed to the Black River Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Following news of Sutherland's death, residents of the Bethsalem community rushed to the home of Burnett where they attacked him with machetes and chopped him all over the body. He was taken to the Black River hospital and admitted in serious condition.

Meanwhile, at about 5:15 am on Tuesday morning last, a three-bedroom house, belonging to Justina and Anita Burnett, the parents of Lincoln, was set ablaze by residents, after they discovered that Burnett was still alive. Despite the intervention of a unit from the Santa Cruz fire station, the house was completely destroyed.

Damage to the house and its contents are estimated at $3.5 million dollars. Neither the building nor its contents was insured.