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May 15, 2006

Turmoil At Gallaudet Could Have Been Prevented!

From: via Email - May 15, 2006

Not deaf enough? Deafhood? The white deaf yardstick?

The deaf community had plenty of time to prevent Jane Fernandes from becoming the next Gallaudet President. On Feb 1998, Richard Roehm warned the deaf communities in the Deaf Watch Newsletter about Jordan's focus was drifting away from the interests of the deaf community.

They listen? No because Richard wasn't deaf enough to them to be believable. To them Richard didnt seem to be deep enough into deafhood, and he didnt measure up to the white deaf yardstick either. I.K. Jordan took advantage of this and used the Newswaves newspaper to debunk Richard Roehm. Now look who has been right all along, YOUR VERY OWN RICHARD ROEHM! The deaf community didnt heed Richard's warnings.

Are they going to heed Richard's warnings on the National Association of the Deaf(NAD) leadership issue? Is NAD going to end up like the legendry Los Angeles Club for the Deaf? Is it going to be up to them or is it going to be up to 'deafhood' and the white deaf yardstick?.............


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