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May 15, 2006

Turmoil At Gallaudet University Continues

From: - May 15, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - May 15, 2006
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New York, USA - This past Friday, May 12, 2006, this Ombudsman had the opportunity of witnessing first hand of the two major events held at the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., USA.
Despite the bomb threat, nearly 5,000 people attended the 137th Commencement - or Graduation Day  - Ceremonies. Many people also attended the protesters'  rally.
During my 12-hour presence at the campus, I met and conversed with many people who, among the other things asked me, the two very relevant questions such as,
1) what kind of  leadership similarities have the two Jordans - Irving King, the outgoing Gallaudet President, and Jerald, the so-called  International Committee of Sports for the Deaf  ( CISS ) Honorary Member for Life? and
2) what kind of harm or damage have the two Jordans done to the cause of our world of DEAFDOM?
Well, in order to continue to retain their personal pursuit for power and influence in our deaf world, there are similarities between these two Jordan men - Jerald and Irving King.
Jerald Jordan:
By manipulating the 39th CISS Congress election session procedure held  on January 4, 2005 in Australia, in which nearly 270 votes were missing, it was Jerald who "handpicked" his "favorite" tellers ( or vote counters ) as well as his "favorite" members to the new CISS Executive Committee.
It also was Jerald who made every effort to ensure the election win of his female crony and puppet - Donalda Ammons - as the new CISS President.
Because English was ( and still is ) the only official language of the CISS, and because many foreign delegates at the CISS Congress are not wholly familiar with English, Jerald thinks that it is he who "owns" the CISS and that the CISS is his "own personal property!"
Irving King Jordan:
He was the very person who 'handpicked" his "favorite" members to the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees.
It was also Irving King who made every effort to ensure the selection appointment of his female crony and puppet - Jane Fernandes - as the new Gallaudet University President.
Because Irving King has his fair command of voice speech and because  he, like his pal Jerald, has a non-deaf spouse, who is available to do the sign language/voice interpreting work for him at moment's notice, it is Irving King who thinks that he "owns" Gallaudet University and that Gallaudet University is "his own personal property!"
Now, you see that the two Jordan men, by abusing their power for their own ego and personal ambitions, think that they "own" the deaf worlds - Jerald ( deaf sports world ) and Irving King ( deaf academic world )! 
The two Jordan men think that they are the two "deaf super human beings" and that they are above the law!
Interestingly, Jerald, dressed poorly, ungentlemanly and inappropriately and carrying his photo camera on his chest, was accorded a first row seat at the Commencement Ceremonies' premises by his pal Irving King, the Commencement Ceremonies'  floor leader. 
Jerald, who loves to showcase himself as "a lifelong fighter for equal rights for every deaf citizen in the world," also made no effort to visit the protesters and their "Tent City" location at all.
Thus, the damage the two Jordan men have done to our deaf world are these: under Jerald's "leadership,"  the CISS is still the world's most financially impoverished, stagnant and corrupt international sports organization, while Irving King has on May 1, 2006, for certain reason, brought shame, humiliation and negative publicity to our whole deaf world.
By the way, this Ombudsman, after the end of Commencement Ceremonies, in the evening attended a rally at "Tent City," in which he spoke at the stage.
Under applause and cheers of rally's attendees, this Ombudsman, among the other things,  urged the protesters to continue to fight for justice and equality among the deaf masses, including by demanding the re-opening of the Gallaudet University Presidential search process, that everyone must contact his/her home state's USA Congressmen and Senators in order to wake them  up  of their protest, that the deaf people of Russia and Israel support the protesters and that the protesters must unite and speak out with one voice and listen to their leaders, and that this Ombudsman believes a day will come and the protesters will eventually prevail."
The Protest at Gallaudet is still going on.
More and more deaf and non-deaf people - students, teachers, alumni and others - are joining the protesters' group on a daily basis.
The main message of this communication is that this Ombudsman again urges USA and foreign deaf people - leaders and ordinary citizens - from every part of the globe to join the protesters by sending their ( your )  message of support and encouragement to the protesters' group at
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