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March 4, 2006

Letter-Reply To Mayor Of Salt Lake County, Host Of 2007 Deaflympic Winter Games

From: - Mar 4, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - March 4, 2006


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New York, USA - Following this Ombudsman's March 2, 2006 Press Release titled THE MARCH 1, 2006 16th DEAFLYMPIC WINTER GAMES PRESS CONFERENCE IN UTAH AND CISS PRESIDENT IMPLICATED IN KIDNAPPING/MURDER SCHEME OF A DEAF RUSSIAN, an e-mail message was received from the Office of the Mayor of Salt Lake Country, Mr. Peter Corroon in the late evening of March 2, 2006:

Dear Mr. Pinchas,

Mayor Corroon has requested that I follow up with you regarding your email. Our office has received several emails regarding the same issue. After reviewing your email I am unclear as to what responsibility you feel Salt Lake County has regarding this. Can you please clarify for me? Thank you.


Stacee Adams
Office of the Mayor

Here are the contents of this Ombudsman's today's Letter-Reply to Mayor:

March 4, 2006

Dear Mayor Corroon:

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your aide Stacee Adams' recent e-mail message.

Please be advised that one of the main purposes of my March 2, 2006 Press Release were to educate your Office and others as to what kind of CISS and USADSF leaders our deaf sports world is having in these contemporary times and in what manner your State/County/City won the bid to host the 16th Deaflympic Winter Games.

Although I do wholeheartedly support the organization of the 2007 Games in your sports-loving County, which has excellent and world-class sports and cultural facilities, I do feel that you and your people should be further aware of the following.

As a proponent of law, order and long-time fighter for equal and just rights of every deaf athlete in every part of the world, I must reiterate that the state of Utah and its Salt Lake City were awarded the rights to host the 2007 Games in an improper, inappropriate and illegitimate way.

By defying the CISS Motto "EQUAL THROUGH SPORTS," certain rules of the CISS Constitution and Deaflympic Games Regulations, and in self-interest and to the huge detriment of the international deaf sports, Donalda Ammons, the then so-called Secretary General of the CISS, and her associates in the USADSF went ahead to place - and to single-handedly "win" - the bid of the city of Park City, Utah, on February 28, 2003, during the 38th CISS Congress held in Sundsvall, Sweden. Very unfortunately, Ammons and her cronies "accomplished" this through their acts of intimidation, cover up, misinformation and chicanery!

Because the USADSF, a nation-member of the CISS, did not fully and honorably meet the three key rules of the CISS Constitution ( 8.2 ) and Deaflympic Games Regulations ( 3.A and 3.G ), the USADSF was, therefore, ineligible to put its bidding proposal of the city of Park City as a city-candidate for the 2007 Games hostship at the CISS Congress held in 2003.

Specifically, by February 28, 2003 - the 2007 Games site bid selection date:

1) USADSF failed to fully pay its membership dues debts to the CISS ( violation of the CISS Constitution Rule 8.2 );
2) USADSF and Ammons ignored the rule interpretation such as "a bid for the 2007 Games must be done six years ( that is, in 2001 ) before the conduct of the actual Games" ( violation of the Deaflympic Games Regulations Rule 3.A ), and
3) USADSF did not also arrange "an on-site inspection visit by the CISS President or its representative to the proposed venue of the 2007 Games before the start of the 38th CISS Congress on February 27, 2003" ( violation of the Deaflympic Games Regulations Rule 3.G ).

Note: some time later on, the USADSF somehow switched the staging of the 2007 Games from Park City to Salt Lake City. This, again, was done without advance knowledge, consent and approval of the CISS Congress, the supreme authority of the CISS.

In addition, the presence and participation of certain individuals from the CISS ( such as USADSF members Ammons and Jerald Jordan, her senior advisor in the CISS and prime architect of the recent 39th CISS Congress election voting fraud scheme ) at the March 1, 2006 Press Conference was an unconstitutional one because, to this day, the USADSF has not yet fully fulfilled its financial debts before the CISS.

Therefore, by a CISS Constitution rule, as of today, the USADSF should, among the other things, technically be viewed as a suspended national member of the CISS.

I do also must caution you that as long as the USADSF and CISS leader-anarchist Ammons continue to violate certain rules of the CISS legal system, the presence and participation of the USA team delegation at next year's Games in your County/City will be an illegitimate and unjustified one.

Thus, upon learning of the above, is your County/City proud to hold the distinction - a dubious one - as the first city in the world to receive the hostship rights of a prestigious international event such as Deaflympic Winter Games, which was obtained in violation of rules of an international sports federation such as the CISS, is not it?

In light of the foregoing, I do now urge your Office and others to carefully review and prudently scrutinize your ongoing business relationship with the CISS/USADSF and take logically appropriate steps.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely Yours,

Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas
CISS Ombudsman