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March 3, 2006

CISS-Ammons Drama

Form: via email - Mar 3, 2006

Rafael Pinchas scores another big one for righteousness by alerting us of the latest development in the CISS-Ammons drama to be published at the community bullhorn section of next week's OCDAC Newsletter!

We believe the CISS-Ammons drama will soon evolve into a nasty crisis the equivalent of a blackhole and it will drag all the deaflympics sponsors into it and nothing will be able to escape it's wrath.

The best suggestion at this point is a major change in the CISS leadership so deaf people will get the chance to prove themselves in the area of athletics.

Now is the time for Ammons to jump ship. Else we will see a nasty crisis swallow the entire CISS affair out of existance.

Richard Roehm
Deaf Advocate-Editor
OCDAC Newsletter