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December 9, 2005

Deaf greeting cards

From: Deaf Artists of VirtualO - Dec 9, 2005

Dear friend,
We invite you to visit our website of greeting cards made from the art of Deaf artists at VirtualO, based in Hyderabad, India, is a young and socially conscious company founded by Deaf individuals. We started out as a small experiment in 2001 with one Deaf employee. We have grown slowly but steadily over the last three years and now are able to offer employment to a number of Deaf people. Our vision is to develop over the years into one of the best for-profit companies that is dedicated to employing and supporting so-called "differently-abled" people all over the world.

Our selection of bright and colorful cards reproduced from some of the spectacular paintings our Deaf artists have made using marbling techniques that date back to the 17th century Deccani form of painting in India, and the ancient Japanese technique called Suminagashi. While these older traditions typically used water colors and vegetable dyes, artists at VirtualO do marbling with oils and acrylics to create paintings that can almost never be replicated. Marbling is not common in contemporary art, and oil-based marbling is even more rare because it is difficult to control the flows and patterns of color. These unique designs range from themes such as "Harmony" and "The Healing Spirit" to "Conversations" and "Playtime".

We accept orders and deliver cards to all locations around the globe. Within the USA and in India we deliver cards within two days of receiving your order. Our high-quality cards are printed in presses that have won international awards, and we are confident of meeting speedy delivery deadlines. At you can choose your designs and order online using our secure payment option.

Given our successful introduction last year, we have been able to reduce our prices this year.

We look forward to your order.

Thank you.
With best wishes,
S. Chandramouli (Deaf artist and Manager)
The Deaf artists of VirtualO (Deaf Creation From India)

P.S. We will be grateful if you can forward this email invitation to your friends and family.