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December 9, 2005

CISS Congress election voting fraud (Open letter to Mr. Jokinen)

From: n/a - Dec 9, 2005

Dear Mr. Jokinen:
Twice - on September 14, 2005, and a month later, in October, 2005 - I sent to you letters about the alleged 2005 CISS Congress election voting fraud issue.

To this day, I received nothing from you at all.

What happened?

Do not the WFD, its President and Board deem it obligatory or responsibly to answer to a letter by an ordinary deaf citizen like myself?

What kind of service does the WFD do to the deaf population worldwide?
Can not the WFD speak up against those people who were involved with the CISS

Congress election voting fraud scheme?

Does the WFD care what is going on in the deaf sports and CISS world, does not it?

Or, is it possible that the WFD Board and you are remaining silent on this very hot issue because the WFD recently hired Mr. Knud Sondergaard as your WFD Administration Officer?

Mr. Sondergaard of Denmark is known as a long-time close friend and favorite of the former CISS President Jerald Jordan, who was in charge of the 39th CISS Congress election running ( for your information, as states, Mr. Sondergaard was also involved with such election running in Australia ).

So, because of Mr. Sondergaard's presence and influence in the WFD, you are doing nothing with my September 14, 2005 letter request. Is that correct?

Please answer to my questions and tell me if the WFD will do something against those who were involved with the said election fraud.

William Ollen, Toronto, Canada
Strong Supporter of Deaf People All Over the World