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November 24, 2005

UK: The weekly subtitled cinema listings! From Thursday, Nov 24th, 2005

From: Subtitles @ your local cinema - Nov 24, 2005

Hundreds of subtitled Harry Potter shows,
Exorcism of Emily Rose, Mrs. Henderson Presents,
In Her Shoes, Constant Gardener and more...

It's Thursday ... around lunchtime ... so it must be...
The weekly subtitled cinema listings!
From Thursday, Nov 24th, 2005

Please visit the website for listings:

Please pass this email onto anyone that you think
may enjoy subtitled cinema.

Engage your Senses! - SEE the dialogue! HEAR the action! FEEL the rumbling!
Subtitles @ your local cinema - the one stop shop for subtitled cinema!
The website:

As soon as cinemas schedules are announced for new films, they will be listed on our website - please DON'T wait for the next weekly email – CHECK the website often! Important reschedules, time changes etc. are posted on there as soon as they are announced. You can locate and bookmark your nearest subtitle equipped cinema listings page here:

Subtitled trailers!
Peter Jackson's King Kong, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Doom, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, V For Vendetta, Aeon Flux, and more!

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Over 160 accessible cinema locations.
Use the pull down menu to bookmark YOUR LOCAL AREA ONLY:
Or print off the downloadable listings (PDF).

Subtitled and audio described cinema
enables people with less than perfect hearing or vision to enjoy film presented in its original and best form - the cinema.

Over 160 cinemas in the UK and Ireland
can now screen almost every popular release
with subtitles & audio description.

Spread the word! Free information card packs and downloadable posters!

Coming soon:
King Kong, Doom, Flight Plan, Aeon Flux, V for Vendetta, Transporter 2 and many more!

We are sorry to report that The Libertine, Saw II, Dreamer, Domino, A History of Violence, Lord of War, Four Brothers, Oliver Twist, Revolver, Wolf Creek, Green Street, Crash, are NOT available in an accessible format. The distributor of each film is responsible for an 'accessible' release.

We receive accessible listings directly from cinema head offices. Unless urgent amendments are required, listings are updated on the website every Thursday. We take great care to ensure the listings are timely and accurate but can take NO RESPONSIBILITY for postponed or cancelled shows. If cinemas inform us of changes, we will tell you via this website. If they don't inform us, we can't inform you.

Many cinemas schedules are "SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION". Sometimes the files necessary for a subtitled or described film are not available, or are not delivered to the cinema on time. The only way to be 100% sure is to check with the ACTUAL cinema before you plan a visit. But DOUBLE check, preferably with a manager. We recommend that you should always request confirmation that a show is definitely on.

We cannot provide cinema tickets. Please contact your cinema directly for these. For suggestions, corrections or just to contact us please use our Feedback page:


UK Film Council Digital Screen Network

Thanks to the UK Film Council, around a quarter of UK cinemas will be equipped with new digital projection equipment over the next year or so. In return, cinemas will be required to show a broader range of films on a regular basis.

These systems can also display subtitles. Adaptations can be made to include audio description features too.

Subtitle and audio description 'files' are readily available for most popular cinema releases, so it is hoped that these 'access' features will be utilised, to enable hearing and visually impaired people to enjoy digital cinema.

But there's no guarantee that cinemas with new digital projection equipment will actually utilise these 'access' features. We recommend that deaf organisations / groups / individuals create total awareness of this 'access' issue, to ensure it is addressed as soon as possible.

Full list of 209 participating cinemas, news items & relevant links here:

"It is not tragic to have a disability.
Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things one needs to lead one's life"

If you are visually impaired and require audio description listings only, please email us at: or visit the audio described section at - 'Talking' website, and 'web over phone' enabled.

Subtitles @ your local cinema are the only listings service created exclusively for accessible cinema. Our service can be found wherever there is internet access - at home, the workplace, school, a library, an internet cafe, or the thousands of wi-fi hotspots and internet kiosks throughout the UK and Ireland.

To be notified of new subtitled films, dates & times in your area every week, just contact us: You can enter your text/query/details on the website:

You can also: Email us at
Phone us on 0845 056 9824 (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, local rate)
SMS / text message to 0793 1341 377 (normal mobile rate)
Or fax us on 0845 056 9824.

This information service would not exist without the input and assistance of the groups below:

The UK Film Council
CEA - Cinema Exhibitors' Association and the UK cinema Industry
FDA - Film Distributors' Association and UK film distributors
RNID - Royal National Institute of Deaf People
RNIB - Royal National Institute of the Blind
ITFC - Independent Television Facilities Centre Ltd.
DTS - Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Dolby Laboratories, Inc
and more.

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