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November 23, 2005

Seeking a Deaf intern

From: Mel Futrell - Nov 23, 2005

Hi there --

I am seeking a Deaf "intern" to assist me with research and development of products that attend Deaf interests, in exchange for training and future career development. I work/research at CSUN in CA and have put flyers at the NCOD, and Deaf studies dept., but would really like to make the opportunity available to as many people as possible (not just a few on a college campus) and interview for the position.

I know about and other advertising opportunities -- but, I am a graduate student/researcher (aka student) and don't have an income yet to pay to advertise for someone. I develop training and products for a multi-cultural pilot population, including Deaf pilots, and need someone to help me attend the Deaf interests (I am fully hearing), as well as train to help me research and develop the company. In exchange, I offer flight training for free, when able, and at cost, when not -- plus all the opportunity to ingratiate with the aviation community on many levels.

Occasionally and increasingly, I do market products, developments and services and any income received would be profit-shared as agreed -- with a goal of developing regular company income. I also travel quite a bit to aviation conventions, etc., and will want this person to represent the business (overall, not just Deaf interests) in networking environments -- with me at first, and eventually for me, so we can be in two places at once. :^)

EOE other than the person must be Deaf / ASL proficient and live in the LA area: I seek applicants diverse in gender, speech-capability, age (must be employable), race, etc. I am attaching a PDF of the flyer, with all the info (including my contact info). There is no time-limit. I will look until I have the right person -- and will continue to correspond with anyone who has an interest in flight training, regardless of hire. Thank you for any help you can give me to get the word out!

Mel Futrell

Intern Wanted