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November 20, 2005


From: Irish Deaf Youth Association - Nov 20, 2005

From the Irish Deaf Youth Association is a blog page set up by the IDYA in September 2004 with the aim to allow Deaf people to air their opinion on a variety of opinions ranging from 'What is your favourite film' to 'Who are your Deaf role models'

The blog is run by a hardened group of volunteers from the Irish Deaf Youth Association where we actively seek ideas, comments and ways to improve the blog for our Deaf users.

We have expanded our photograph section with hundreds of pictures for your enjoyment and included ISL in the form of informing blog readers the rules/regulations of the blog.

The blog is FOR Deaf people and we the Irish Deaf Youth Association LOVE when people use the blog for their enjoyment

So come on, what are you waiting for - become part of a blogging revolution and BLOG today!