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November 20, 2005

Another Poorly-Prepared Publication Release By CISS Anarchists. Over 662 Errors Spotted In New Book.

From: - Nov 20, 2005





New York, USA - These days the offices of the National Sports Associations - Nation-Members of the CISS - are receiving copies of the new publication book titled MELBOURNE 2005 DEAFLYMPIC GAMES RESULTS, in which a one-sentence message is mentioned by Mr. Bill Scales, Chairman of the Melbourne 2005 Deaflympic Games Ltd. Organizing Committee.

Once again, the preparation and release of such a book is being done inappropriately, negligently and unprofessionally.

And again, the CISS led by its illegally-elected President and administrator-anarchist - Donalda Ammons - failed to do its supervisory job in a responsible, sophisticated and diligent manner!

The 306-page book features many inconsistencies, errors and questionable facts.

Randomly, the book published many incorrect first and last names of competitors from various countries in different sports.

For example, the book incorrectly spelled the surname of a 3-time gold medal winner of the Games in the women's 400 meter, 400 meter hurdles and 4x100 meter relay events from the Ukraine - Zyerinsky.The accurate last name of that athlete, however, is Zverinskaya (nee Izbash ).

In the women's indoor volleyball, men's and women's beach volleyball, the book mentioned the name of the nation of Uzbekistan as the Games entrant and competitor. However, the fact remained that there was not a single athlete from this nation participating in any sports at the Melbourne Games at all.

In wrestling, in some weight class categories, it was impossible to determine or guess for any reader as to who placed first through sixth or first through ninth in the specific weight class event.

Absent were the names of athletes in the book pages who won gold, silver and bronze medals in team sports such as football, handball, basketball, volleyball and water polo.

The book also failed to produce the list of the nations that won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Games.

Overall, this Ombudsman spotted a record total of over 622 inconsistencies, errors and omissions in this 306-paged statistical book.

In retrospect, in 2002 the CISS very belatedly released to the world its 19th Deaflympic Games 2001 Rome Official Results Book, in which 556 inconsistencies and errors were made in the book pages

Thus, Ammons and her aides have not learned any valuable lesson yet, that is, how to prepare and supervise the book publication in a proper way.

In addition, the past two months of this outgoing year of 2005 - October and November - have vividly been demonstrating Ammons' continued incompetence in leading the organization of the CISS or the now-called International Committee of Sports for the Deaf or ICSD.

Last month, it was learned that the Ammons-preached and "americanized" name of the organization such as "Deaflympics" was removed from its official use. Now, the organization is, instead, being called as the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf ( not Deaflympics ). Then, this month of November is witnessing another immensely disastrous project supervised by Ammons - the publication of this historical and 622-mistake-filled document called MELBOURNE 2005 DEAFLYMPIC GAMES RESULTS book!