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November 5, 2005

DEAF EXPO 2006 in India

From: Deaf Expo 2006 India - Nov 5, 2005

Sub: DEAF EXPO 2006 in India

We are glad to inform you that first Announcement on “DEAF EXPO 2006: An International Conference on Innovative Technologies and Education for the Hearing Impaired “will be held at Pollachi from 1st to 3rd July 2006, jointly organized by Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology and DEAF LEADERS (Deaf Empowerment Activities For Literacy, Education, Accessible, Development, Employment, Rehabilitation & Sports). Through this conference, we wish to broaden the development of the deaf children and adults which will enable them to discover the in-depth potentially for creativity and intelligence. The criterion to be adhered to for this purpose will be as under:-

• Your organizations should produce any item like education materials, hearing aids, books; equipments suited to deaf, etc for sale at a stall in the DEAF EXPO 2006 and promote the education on awareness skill and development the potential growth, wherever needed.

• Your school / Organization to definite a competent delegates to participate at the presentation paper function. His abstract submission can also be accepted for presentation before 1st January 2006.

• Kindly indicate on the notice board for attention of the persons among hearing impaired, hard of hearing and their parents regarding this event. This will enable them to visit the DEAF EXPO 2006. ( website: )

• The Correspondent/ principal / Head Master/ Head Mistress / teacher of your school could accompany the above delegate to participate the conference.

• If you may invite such personalities who are unknown to us and as certain fully their interest to produce the items needed by the deaf. You may provide us with their full postal address / E-mail addresses so as to enable us to contact them direct. Alternatively, you may inform them to participate at the conference

In wishing our prospective participants our sincere thanks, we take this opportunity to enlist their networking for mutual benefits.

Thanking you

You’re sincerely

K. Murali
Deaf Expo 2006
My e-mail: