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October 5, 2005

NEW > on AIM: Relay calls in just ONE step!

From: i711 Relay - Oct 5, 2005


If you use, you know it gives you a great relay experience.
If you use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), we have great news. on AOL Instant Messenger will make your AIM relay calls a snap! This new service makes it easy to call who you want, the way you want with AIM, in just *one step.* That's because includes these exclusive "smart dialing" features:

* ONE-STEP DIALING > Just "IM" the phone number you want to dial to the screen name "i711relay", and automatically connects your call.

* i711 PHONE BOOK > Call anyone in your i711 Phone Book right from AIM. Want to call Jim? Type "call jim" on AIM, and instantly looks up and dials Jim's number. Plus, the courteous operator carefully follows any preset call instructions.

* NAME LOOK-UP > Know more than one "Jim"? No problem. displays a numbered list of all the "Jims" in your Phone Book (even "Jimson's Auto Shop"). Just pick a name, and connects you to the *right* Jim.

* LETTER DIALING PLUS > Don't know the exact phone number for 1-800- FLOWERS? You don't need to. on AIM figures it out and dials it for you. also handles most common phone number formats. Type the number the way *you* want to and takes care of the rest.

If you use AIM for relay, on AOL Instant Messenger offers a better AIM relay experience.

* Try it today! > Send an instant message with the phone number you want to dial to the screen name "i711relay". handles the rest. Add "i711relay" to your buddy list, and you'll have anytime AIM relay access through

Visit for more information. It's Relay & Beyond.