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October 5, 2005

John "Leno" Maucere Gears Up for 9th Year of Touring

From: Deafywood - Oct 5, 2005

John Maucere, Artistic Director

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John "Leno" Maucere Gears Up for 9th Year of Touring

[October 5, 2005] – The John "Leno" Maucere Show is ready to hit the road again for his ninth year of touring the nation performing. "Actually, I never really stopped over the summer," John Maucere says. "I've been all over the nation, in Hawaii, Florida, and New Zealand."

The John "Leno" Maucere show features actor, comedian and entertainer Maucere as a talk show host, and has proven to be popular with deaf and hearing people in addition to allies of the Deaf community such as interpreters and educators.

"John, playing Leno, has the ability to hold captive audience because you never know what he is going to say next. I find John has a rare talent to do that. On top of that, he's funny, too," says Phil Moos, from Bordentown, N.J., who has seen several of John's shows. "By all means, you have to see John in order to enjoy the humor he presents."

Maucere also performed in New Zealand last August. "That was really a unique experience," Maucere said, "even if I'm still suffering from jet lag weeks later! The people there were so warm and so welcoming, and were patient with me as I learned New Zealand Sign Language."

"I was very impressed. I thought John to be very professional and the show itself was a unique experience for myself and all the Deaf and hearing community who attended," said Chris Blum, Sprint Relay account manager for New Zealand. Maucere performed in both American Sign Language and New Zealand Sign Language. "The show was enhanced because John entertains direct to the audience and not through an interpreter. The New Zealand Deaf and hearing community had never seen a show like it before and the opportunity for our community to experience anything in the arts is a rare opportunity."

"I'm eager to start this year of touring, because my shows have a lot of new materials that are sure to hurt people's stomachs – from laughter. And I'm looking forward to the next few upcoming shows, especially in Tucson," Maucere will be helping raise funds at the Tucson, Ariz., show on Oct. 22 for hurricane survivors.

"Really, the reason I've done this for so long," Maucere said, "is because any show that can bring laughter to audience members, hearing or deaf, makes me feel as if it's all worth it. And that satisfaction is worth it, believe me."

The John "Leno" Maucere, in addition to SuperDeafy and several other characters, appears at all DeafNation Expo shows, including the upcoming show in Chicago on Oct. 8. For more information, visit Maucere will also appear at Deaf Professional Happy Hour in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 14; more information is at Details about the Oct. 22 fundraiser in Tucson may be obtained by e-mailing

About The John "Leno" Maucere Show

The John "Leno" Show is part of Deafywood, which is owned and operated by John Maucere. Maucere, who is deaf, is a Hollywood, Calif. native and travels for Deafywood, delivering inspiring messages to the deaf and hearing communities on the importance of preserving deaf culture, language, folklore and heritage. More information is available at

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