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October 5, 2005

Cutting-Edge Braille TTY Offers Convenience and Independence

From: Compu-TTY - Oct 5, 2005

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Cutting-Edge Braille TTY Offers Convenience and Independence

Fort Worth, TX [October 5, 2005] – Compu-TTY, Inc. recently announced the availability of a new Braille TTY, the VTouch Braille TTY. "We've worked hard on the design of this product," said Sid Ander, Compu-TTY CEO. "We wanted to make sure that it was easy to use, easy to carry around and easy to set up. And we've accomplished that with the VTouch Braille TTY."

The lightweight and portable TTY is only three pounds, which makes it easy to tuck away in a backpack or briefcase. Susan Levi, a rehabilitation technologist with the Workforce and Technology Center in Baltimore, Md., finds the TTY so convenient that she uses it with her consumers. "I was so impressed with the one I set up for a consumer that we have decided to purchase one for our office. It is easy to set up and use, which was not the case with the older models. The older models also had problems with the batteries going bad and needing frequent repair. The VTouch does not have batteries in the Braille display, so there is no potential for that type of problem."

Levi also points out that the older models had two AC adapters. "This allowed for consumers or their helpers to mix up the plugs and break the adapters and possibly the equipment as well," she explained. "The Vtouch has eliminated this problem as well - just one adapter and one cable between the TTY and the Braille display." The TTY has a Braille display on the terminal itself, and can connect directly using a telephone line or acoustic couplers for standard telephone handsets. It also has a built-in answering machine with password-enabled remote message retrieval.

"One hidden benefit of this device is that it also allows Deaf-Blind individuals to be independent and have face-to-face communication with hearing people, without having to use paper and pen or interpreters," Ander said. "This is a really nice bonus feature of the TTY, especially in impromptu meetings or conversations at work or school."

"Also, the TTY has a tactile ring pager, so that if someone is away from the TTY, she or he can still know when a call is coming in by feeling the pager's vibrations," Ander added. "It's certainly cutting edge technology, and we're very proud of this product and its features."

The VTouch Braille TTY has 20 cells on its Braille display, and comes with a soft, attractive carry case and a wireless tactile pager included. For more information, please visit , or call 817-738-2485.

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