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September 9, 2005

Hurricane killed 17 deaf" ..... It's a hoax

From: unknown - Sep 9, 2005
(Deaf Today: Text below is posted "as is" of Sep 8, 2005)

Hurricane killed 17 deaf" ..... It's a hoax, and it had caused a HUGE uproar among the families- they are unnecessarily upset. I followed up with the Red Cross and they gave me the FACTS.

Gine Ruebush is ALIVE-she is at George R. Brown Convention Center at this point- her family is picking her up tomorrow.

Michel Holmes is alive with his mom- have been with her all the whole time.

Madeline Scott is alive in Houston, currently with friends.

Sterling Everidge was picked up from LSD -yesterday--and he's alive. His family has him now.

Billy Hick IS missing, not dead (not confirmed.)

Monroe Bowens is alive, currently working with post office in Houston.

Jerry Galloway is not dead- but his name is NOT on dead list, so he's not confirmed dead- just missing- his wife is looking for him in the dome.

James Smith- his fate unknown.

Martha Corway- her fate unknown.

Anne Farmer and Fran Hardy- are ALIVE- were last seen at the Astrodome- suspected of being sent out to a state as evacuees.

James Firmin is alive at the Astrodome.

Lenny Kaye- his fate unknown- but Red Cross is following up thinking that he may be at George R. Brown.

Same for Morrell English.

I was told that the Red Cross will send me the CORRECT information of who died, if ANY in truth.