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June 14, 2005

Poland And Spain Suspended From Deaf Sports In Europe

From: - Jun 14, 2005

PRESS RELEASE – June 14, 2005



By Rafael PINKHASOV PINCHAS, CISS/Deaflympics Ombudsman

New York, USA – The administration of the CISS/Deaflympics ( "CISS" ) was - and still is - unable to do what the leaders of the European Deaf Sports Organization ( "EDSO" ) were able to do.

The EDSO has, by strictly observing and enforcing its organization's Regulations, suspended its two members – national sports associations of Poland and Spain – from taking part in any sports competitions in the region for failure to pay their respective membership dues.

According to a reliable source, Poland owes to the EDSO 5,938.00 Euros, while Spain – 2536.00 Euros.

At the current money exchange rate one Euro is roughly equal to $USA 1.21.

Because Poland did not pay its debt to the EDSO, last year its men's national basketball team was banned from participating at the European championship held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Unlike the EDSO, the leaders of the CISS have not apparently learned anything yet in order to run its business in an appropriate, fair and professional manner.

In the last five years, the CISS has committed a mountain of rule violations in its legal system.

The CISS, for instance, by ignoring its own rules, has allowed a number of deaf national sports associations, especially the USA Deaf Sports Federation – the Number One Violator of the CISS system, to take part at the 2001, 2003 and 2005 Deaflympic Games. In addition, certain representatives of the USA Deaf Sports Federation were "elected" and/or "appointed" to various high-level CISS positions in the unconstitutional, nefarious and illegitimate manner. For details, read

Furthermore, the CISS has been engaged in the policies of mismanagement, stagnation, bias, cronyism, favoritism and election fraud.

The CISS has also as recently as this past January demonstrated its non-cooperation with its affiliated member such as the EDSO.

As an act of non-cooperation and non-solidarity with the EDSO, the still anarchically and incompetently managed CISS administration allowed both delegations of Poland ( 32 athletes and officials ) and Spain ( 6 athletes and officials ) to officially take part at the recently-concluded 20th Deaflympic Summer Games held in Melbourne, Australia.

The EDSO is one of the four most important regional affiliates to the CISS.

Commented one high-ranking EDSO official,

"In 2004 the CISS had problem with the national sports association of Italy ( FISS vs. CSSI ). As a result, the Italians got suspended by the CISS and the CISS, therefore, asked the EDSO to cancel the European championship in Handball in Palermo, Italy.
The EDSO cooperated by agreeing to fulfill this request by the CISS. Now, the EDSO is felt very offended by the CISS administration's recent action because they permitted our EDSO's suspended members – Poland and Spain – to take part at the 2005 Games in Australia. It is unbelievable that Poland, for example, on the one side, found a substantial amount of money to send its 32-member delegation to a far away nation of Australia for the Games competitions, while, on the other side, they found no money to pay off their outstanding debts to the EDSO!"