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June 13, 2005

NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: "Deaf TV" and "Deaf Pride"

From: For the Record Productions Inc - Jun 13, 2005


For the Record Productions Inc. announces video copies of Deaf TV and Deaf Pride are now available for purchase.

Deaf TV is a pilot for a weekly television program broadcast entirely in American Sign Language. It features interviews with Deanne Bray, star of Sue Thomas FBEye, Christy Smith, from CBS's Survivor, Gary Malkowski, Canada's first provincial Deaf member of Parliament and Brent Pinch, Deaf hockey Olympian.

Deaf Pride is a documentary about the World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, held in Montreal, Canada. It is a fast paced, fun look at this Deaf conference, featuring interviews with community leaders and Deaf people from around the world.

More than just "signed hearing programming", Deaf TV and Deaf Pride are produced, shot and edited from the Deaf point of view. Both programs are completely accessible, with sign language, subtitling and voice-over interpretation, a Canadian first! They aired on OMNI Television, over-the-air and on basic cable across Southern Ontario and via satellite across Canada.

To help fund the future series, we are selling copies of the pilot episode Deaf TV and the documentary special Deaf Pride. Check out our website,, to view sample video of both programs and see information on purchasing copies: VHS or DVD at $15.00 (US) plus shipping.

For the Record Productions Inc. is an award winning video production company in Toronto, specializing in advocacy for the Deaf and Disability communities.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Reynolds, Producer
For the Record Productions Inc.
(416) 910-6110

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