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May 23, 2005

Sorenson Communications Announces the Opening of Six New Interpreting Centers

From: Sorenson Communications - May 23, 2005

Popularity of Videophones, Video Relay Service for Deaf Prompts Sorenson Communications to Build Six Additional Interpreting Centers
National Network of ASL Interpreters Who Use Videophones to Interpret for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals Expands with New Interpreting Centers in Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Milwaukee, New York, and Philadelphia
BOSTON; CHARLOTTE, NC; DALLAS; MILWAUKEE, WI; NEW YORK; PHILADELPHIA; SALT LAKE CITY (May 25, 2005) - Sorenson Communications(tm) today announced the opening of new Sorenson Video Relay Service® (VRS) Interpreting Centers in six cities: Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Milwaukee, New York, and Philadelphia. Sorenson Communications is adding these interpreting centers to help meet the growing demand for its popular service that connects deaf and hard-of-hearing people to the hearing world through American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters using videophones.

"For deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, placing a video relay service call has never been simpler," said James Lee Sorenson, CEO of Sorenson Communications. "By using a Sorenson VP-100(tm) videophone appliance, a television, and high-speed Internet connection, deaf and hard-of-hearing people can now easily call hearing friends, family, and business associates. Because we are experiencing a rapid rise in the number of users, we are increasing the number video relay service centers and interpreters to meet the demand."

With Sorenson VRS, a network of qualified ASL interpreters receive videophone calls from deaf or hard-of-hearing people and interpret conversations for them with hearing people. Dialog flows spontaneously back and forth with the deaf or hard-of-hearing person signing ASL to the interpreter who speaks to the hearing individual over an ordinary telephone line.
"We chose these six major urban areas for interpreting centers because they each have large populations of certified ASL interpreters available and excellent local interpreter training programs," said Chris Wakeland, vice president of interpreting at Sorenson Communications. "Adding these new centers will bring employment opportunities to the local economies and help us avoid wait-time for our users." 

About Sorenson Communications

Sorenson Communications ( is a pioneer of industry-leading communication services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. The company's offerings include Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS), the line of high-quality videophones (VP), and Sorenson IP Relay Service(tm) (siprelay).  Sorenson VRS ( enables deaf and hard-of-hearing callers to conduct video relay conversations with hearing friends, business colleagues, and family members through a qualified American Sign Language interpreter. The company's Sorenson VP-100 is the first consumer-based broadband videophone appliance specifically designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Sorenson IP Relay Service ( allows users to place text-based relay calls from a PC or mobile device to any standard telephone user.
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