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March 15, 2005

Hamilton Wireless Solution

From: HIPVRS - Mar 15, 2005

Attention HIP Insiders

Hamilton Relay continues to grow in popularity partly because it is so easy to use, and even more so because of its quick reliable service. Just as the United States relay-using community has caught on to Hamilton Relay, so have people from other countries.

Hamilton Relay - and other Internet Relay providers – very recently have seen a rather large increase in the number of fraudulent attempts to place internet relay calls from overseas. Internet Relay service is not designed to provide services to the entire world-only the United States.

This large number of international calls has impacted Hamilton’s relay operators and caused unusually long wait times for our customers. Hamilton has been proactive to fix the problem to ensure that the service is available for our customers.

The good news is that today we have implemented a way to prevent this activity from taking place in our call centers. When placing a Hamilton Relay call through AOL IM it is standard to send a telephone number to HipRelay to place your call. You would then automatically connect to a CA. With our new process, you will now see this when placing a call using AOL IM:

"HipRelay: This service is for US domestic use only. Please click here to proceed. If you are unable to click, please type linkhelp."

When you "click" to proceed you will see a new window that says, "Thank you for using Hamilton IP Relay. It's safe to close this window now." You will then connect to a CA.

Please note that wireless users will need to type "linkhelp" only if the wireless device does not allow you to "click".

When you type "linkhelp", you will see this:

"HipRelay: Please contact customer service for help making your call, or 800-618-4781 v/TTY."

At that point in time, Customer Service will add your Screen Name to the list so that you are able to place calls. Contacting Customer Service is a ONE-TIME PROCESS. Once you have entered your Screen Name with Customer Service, on future calls you will automatically connect to a CA.

So if you’ve had difficulty getting through, come try us again. At Hamilton, we are committed to providing our customers with the fastest connection to relay nationwide. Certain things at Hamilton Relay will never change. NOW THAT’S EXCELLENT SERVICE!

For more information, please contact Hamilton’s 24-hour Customer Service:
Phone: 800-618-4781 V/TTY

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