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February 25, 2005

RELEASE: Gallaudet adds two to Board of Trustees

From: Gallaudet - Feb 25, 2005

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Gallaudet Appoints Deaf Scholar, Activist to University's Board of Trustees

(WASHINGTON) Dr. Glenn Anderson, chair of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees, announced the appointments of two new members: Dr. Harvey Goodstein and Dr. Tom L. Humphries. The selection of the new members received the unanimous approval of the trustees at their meeting February 11-12, 2005. Goodstein and Humphries will officially join the Board at its meeting in May.

Dr. Goodstein graduated from Gallaudet in 1965, later earning Master's and Ph.D degrees from Catholic University and American University, respectively. His tenure at Gallaudet spanned over 30 years with much of that time spent as a faculty member and chair of the Mathematics Department. In 2002, Dr. Goodstein led the planning efforts for the internationally acclaimed Deaf Way II conference in Washington, DC that brought over 10,000 people from every corner of the globe to celebrate deaf scholarship, culture and art. Dr. Goodstein also served as president of the Maryland Association of the Deaf, a trustee of the Maryland School for the Deaf, vice president of the National Association of the Deaf, and chair of the National Association of the Deaf Telecommunications Committee. He and his wife, Astrid Amann Goodstein [Gallaudet University, Class of 1965] reside in Arizona.

Dr. Humphries is also a Gallaudet graduate, receiving a Bachelor's degree in 1968, followed by a Master's degree in 1972. He earned a Ph. D. from the Union Institute and is currently an associate professor in the Teacher Education Program at the University of California, San Diego. Humphries' research has shaped many of the theories applied in Deaf Studies today and he is frequently asked to present his work to academic audiences worldwide. He is also a prolific author; among his many contributions to the literature on Deaf Studies is the book Inside Deaf Culture, recently published by Harvard University Press and co-authored with his wife [and former Board of Trustee member] Dr. Carol Padden. Humphries was honored by the Gallaudet University Alumni Association with Laurent Clerc Award [2004] and Outstanding Leadership Award [1995].

"The Board of Trustees welcomes Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Humphries and looks forward to working with them on behalf of Gallaudet," said Dr. Anderson. "Their expertise, experience and energy will contribute significantly to the Board's efforts."

About Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University is the world leader in liberal education and career development for deaf and hard-of-hearing undergraduate students. The University enjoys an international reputation for the outstanding graduate programs it provides deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students, as well as for the quality of the research it conducts on the history, language, culture, and other topics related to deaf people. In addition, the University's Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center serves deaf and hard-of-hearing children at its two demonstration schools and throughout the nation by developing, implementing, and disseminating innovative educational strategies. Gallaudet is located in Washington, DC.