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January 15, 2005

DEAF Media by the Numbers

From: DEAF Media - Jan 15, 2005

By the Numbers:

For 30 years, DEAF Media has worked  to secure recognition of the arts, culture and language of Deaf America--and, to provide meaningful access and low cost participation for the Deaf community to Bay Area cultural institutions. 

Since most of our work has been without fanfare, we'd like to share just some of our accomplishments and encourage your support of our continued work.

   2    Emmy Awards for pioneering television work serving the Deaf community--including the   
        first of by and for Deaf television series in the nation.

   6    DEAF Media Salons with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

   7    Annual Deaf Showcases at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
   8   Productions of Celebration: Deaf Artists and Performers, the first continuing festival of              
        Deaf artists and performers.

   8    Episodes of Rainbow's End (KQED-PBS) the first and only national TV series for Deaf    

   8    Additional television productions

 12     DEAF Media productions featuring Deaf Artists and storytellers as part of Oakland Museum

 12     Professional gallery exhibitions for Deaf artists.

 17     Feasts for the Eyes celebrating ASL storytelling

 22     Professional development workshops for Deaf artists
 24     Additional live productions of Deaf presentations
 54     DEAF Media family programs with Deaf Artists at the Oakland Museum of California

 76     Deaf Docents Tours of the Bay Area arts museums

 78     Percent Deaf majority Board

133     Episodes of Silent Perspectives (KCSM-PBS), the first TV talk show of, by, and for the         

 326    Deaf-centered co productions with Bay Area arts and education partners

 611    Weeks of Dial a News, the nations first TTY Community Bulletin Board

51,600  plus, Deaf and hearing students, teachers and parents
        enlightened by the Deaf storytellers of the DEAN project.

more than 53,000 reasons to support DEAF Media's continuing work

Please see the following e mail to learn how we are celebrating this with performances by Patrick Graybill, Ella Mae Lentz, CJ Jones and Mel Carter,  at our 30th Anniversary Gala Benefit, January 29th at the Oakland Museum.  And, importantly,  how you can support this continued work.

Thank you.