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January 15, 2005

2005 Deaflympics: $150,000.00 In Penalties, $34,113.00 Deficit And Lavish Hotel Life

From: - Jan 15, 2005

PRESS RELEASE - January 15, 2005


By Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, CISS Ombudsman

Melbourne, Australia – Here is the final list of nations that withdrew their teams in various sports for the 20th Deaflympic Summer Games and the total amount of penalty fee each team/s withdrawing nation is obliged to pay to the CISS Treasury:

Argentina – men's and women's beach volleyball, men's football and women's volleyball ( total penalty fee to be paid to the CISS is $20,000.00 )
Austria – men's beach volleyball ( $5,000.00 )
Brazil – women's football, men's handball, women's beach volleyball, men's and women's volleyball ( $25,000.00 )
Canada – men's and women's beach volleyball ( $10,000.00 )
Fiji – men's beach volleyball ( $5,000.00 )
Finland – men's beach volleyball ( $5,000.00 )
Germany – men's basketball ( $5,000.00 )
Ghana – men's and women's volleyball, men's basketball ( $15,000.00 )
Ireland – men's water polo and women's basketball ( $10,000.00 )
Israel – men's basketball ( $5,000.00 )
Italy – men's and women's beach volleyball ( $10,000.00 )
Portugal – women's football ( $5,000.00 )
Serbia and Montenegro – men's handball ( $5,000.00 )
Sweden – women's football ( $5,000.00 )
Switzerland - men's beach volleyball ( $5,000.00 )
Uzbekistan, - men's and women's beach volleyball, and women's volleyball ($15,000.00 ).

Thus, 30 teams from 16 countries are figured in this list, which results in an aggregate of $150,000.00 in penalty fines to be paid to the CISS.

Of the above-named 16 nations, only two delegations – Argentina and Uzbekistan – are no show at the 20th Deaflympics competitions.

It is still uncertain whether the CISS Treasurer has already and responsibly fulfilled his professional obligation by collecting penalties from all these 16 team withdrawing nations or not.

In the meantime, there is a discouraging report from the always-secretive CISS Treasury ( by the way, after January 16, 2005, the position of the Treasurer of the CISS will be eliminated ).

According to the just-obtained CISS/Deaflympics Biennial Report: 2003-2004, the organization of the CISS experienced a financial fiasco by producing its deficit of $34,113.00. Another disappointed fact in that report was that "CISS at the end of year has increasing outstanding debits from Member countries. More than $12,000.00 has not been paid. CISS urgently appeals to the Members to pay their Subscription during the first quarter of each new year."

In spite of its widely-known status as the world's oldest international sports organization for the disabled people, the CISS is still ( very sadly ) the most financially impoverished international sports organization in the world!

The interesting and unusual fact is that certain CISS leaders-anarchists were able to influence and receive from the cash-rich 2005 Melbourne Games Organizing Committee free accomodation for themselves and their spouses and partners at the fashionable and exorbitant hotel during their entire 2005 CISS Congress and Deaflympic Summer Games' stay.

Imagine, representatives from the cash-poor organization such as the CISS dwelling in an expensive and high-class hotel such as Crown Promenade at Melbourne!