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November 19, 2004

Strength of Character

From: New India Express in Coimbatore - Nov 19, 2004

Have you ever imagined how it is to be born deaf and dumb? Being unable to hear the sound of your own choice or hear the birds chirping, unable to hear the sounds of thunder or hum a song sung by your favorite singer…

It is a difficult situation even to imagine. But, braving all odds K. Murali, has come a long way. Now, at the age of 42, he has touched the lives of hundreds of people who are physically challenged like him.

As a child, he never allowed his handicap to deter him from acquiring the basic education. He has brought the country laurels in the events held at the national and international levels for the physically challenged in the fields, of table tennis, basket ball, chess etc. He now recommends suitable young candidates to represent India in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.

He holds a Diploma in Cutting and Tailoring from the Madras Tailoring Arts College. He started his carrier in a small way. By opening a tailoring shop named "FITO –FITOUTS" in Coimbatore. He worked in ELGI Equipment for 7 years as a clerk/typist and later joined Hindustan Photo Film Co Ltd , Udhagamandalam.

He has dedicated his entire life to help deaf students. Presently, he is the director of the Literacy Education and Resource Centre for the Hearing Impaired and trains the deaf in computer, encouraged by Ron Brouillete, specialists in deaf education, he started an organsied called "DEAF LEADERS" which concentrates on the welfare and education of the hearing impaired.

His services to humanity have been duly honoured and commended, In July 2003, he represented India at the 14th Congress of World Federation of the Deaf in Monteral, Canada. This conference, organsied by WFD, World Federation of the Deaf was attended by 2000 deaf and hearing professionals from 123 countries.

His wife Sudha, who is also deaf and dumb, is proud of his achievements and has always stood by him in all his endeavors. They both are planning to open a school for deaf and dumb in Bangalore soon.

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