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November 19, 2004

Here words are redundant, only deeds

From: Hindu Paper, India - Nov 19, 2004

The Hindu Paper dated: 19.11.2004

By Puja S. Navin in Coimbatore

For students, their teachers and parents who had gathered, it was a time for celebration, Achievements spoke, smiles conveyed and eyes shone with happiness. No words were spoken, only hands did the talking.

A group of hearing impaired students completed a year's vocational course recently.

This course imparts training in computers, typewriting and English language to students who are unable to complete their standard X and XII. It is a joint project of the Literacy Education and Resource Centre for the Hearing Impaired, a division of the computer Technology for the Hearing Impaired, Supported by Cheran Region Christian Society for the Disabled Children.

K. Murali, the course coordinator and a hearing impaired leader, encouraged students to take initiative, acquire education and skills for employment. He exhorted students to rely on merit and not on luck and asked them "Not to look at the salary, but use work as an opportunity to get skilled."

M. Govardhan, Chief Executive of Stargate Software Solutions, said he would collaborate with the centre "to provide specialized training and job opportunities to the participants" and encouraged them to utilize the opportunity. He said, "When one sense is suppressed, many others unexpectedly surface, and we need to tap such strengths. " Computers could be one area, he pointed out. He said CAD drawing, architectural drawings, fashion designed, web designing and software programming could be possible opportunities for such students. Opportunities existed in self employment and self help groups too. J. Alagumuthu of Tex World, encouraged the students to think big and of higher goals. He cited examples of Stephan Hawkings and the late Christopher Reeves, who created opportunities rather than wait for them.