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November 30, 2004

Signs of Development November Newsletter

From: Signs of Development - Nov 30, 2004


The Holidays Are Upon Us!

CD WWWorkshops
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Professional Development Resource for Interpreters
928-395-1878 Fax
Expiration Date: 12/31/04

Still Need CEUs? In preparation for the end-of-the-year dash to the CEU finish line, Signs wants to remind you that we offer CEUs up until 11:59 December 31st! In order to qualify, please remember that as an approved sponsor of RID CEUs on all of our WWWorkshops, we must adhere to RID's requirements that CEU paperwork be received in our office not later than 11:59 p.m. CST on 12/31.

In order to ensure you receive your CEUs, we will be accepting faxes which MUST be received by 11:59 p.m. CST. Any information received after that time will be considered in the 2005 CEU cycle. Fax all information including post-tests, activity journals, and evaluations to (928) 395-1878. Please make sure you include your RID Membership #, your name, contact information, serial # of the CD (which can be found on the front label of the CD), and all pertinent information clearly legible.

In addition to the fax, and as a failsafe measure, you will also be required to send in a hardcopy of the EXACT same paperwork (post-test, activity journal, and evaluation.) This MUST be postmarked not later than December 31, 2004. In many areas, the PO closes by noon on 12/31 so please plan accordingly. We strongly recommend obtaining a confirmation receipt to be able to check the status of your package. Send hardcopies to:
Signs of Development
(928) 395-1878 fax
P.O. Box 1288
Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Also, if you are viewing the WWWorkshop owned by another person via our SWAP program, remember to include your SWAP payment which is $4.95 per hour (or per .1 RID CEU.) Additionally, Signs' procedure for processing CEUs is monthly. Any request for emergency processing requires a $25 ER fee. All CEUs to be qualified for the 2004 end-of-year cycle processed after our regular processing on December 1st will require a $25 ER fee.

Signs is trying to make professional development and earning CEUs as flexible as possible. As an approved sponsor of CEUs, however, we are obligated to adhere to certain requirements. We appreciate your understanding and early preparation! There will be no one in the office to take phone calls after Noon on 12/31. To ensure that you will obtain CEUs for your work, in case of technical difficulties relating to the fax process, please ensure your hardcopy is postmarked not later than 12/31/04. As long as you do these two things (send completed paperwork both by fax date/timestamped not later than 11:59 p.m. CST and mail postmarked by 12/31), you can be sure you will receive your CEUs.

Signs' staff will be working diligently to wrap up the CEU year. They will notify you as soon as possible regarding receipt of your information. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt by 1/15/05, please contact All sponsors have until 2/15 to submit CEU paperwork to the RID office. We understand it's a stressful time for all and will work with you in every way we can to ensure you receive your CEUs. You can help us to ensure that all goes smoothly by keeping a copy of your submission as well as faxed and postage receipts as proof of sending, and by understanding that it's an extremely hectic time for both RID and our staff. We keep copies of all paperwork & as long as you can show proof of original mailing & fax, we'll make sure your well-deserved CEUs show up on your transcript!!!

Do you have the goal of getting a national certification but are unsure how to study for the tests? Worried about the possibility of not passing the written or performance exams and having to pay more fees for re-takes? Signs of Development has online study groups that are designed to provide you with the tools to significantly increase your chances of acing the exams!

The online study groups are provided on a regular basis through the year: February, April, August and October. The next one will begin Monday, January 10th, and it is not too late to sign up! We still have some slots available in the online performance study group and online written study group.

If you would like to get more information, please contact us at Get all the tools you need to ace the test the first time around!

Prepping for a certification (state, NCI/RID, ACCI, EIPA, etc.) and unsure whether you're really ready or not? Frustrated at the prospect of having to pay the same fees again if you do not pass on the first attempt? Let Signs of Development and its team of Deaf and hearing mentors provide you with a Readiness Assessment (RA) to help you with the decision on whether to proceed with the exam or not. With the RA, you will receive an assessment of whether you are ready or not. You will submit 4 samples of your current work with guidance on the samples from the mentoring team. The Deaf mentor will provide the assessment on your work into ASL or signed English and the hearing mentor provides the component of the work into English. You will receive an assessment of readiness to test by the date you have selected. If not ready, the mentoring team provides you with an estimate of when you might be ready and some skill development activities to assist you.

by Tony Saccente

Are you a teacher or parent of a Deaf or hard of hearing child, an interpreter, or a Deaf adult who needs to understand how to explain or simply understand HIV/AIDs? This lesson will help you to understand this in ASL. Tony Saccente has been responsible for providing HIV/AIDS and STI prevention education to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in New York City since 1997. In this lesson, Tony defines HIV, when HIV becomes AIDS, symptoms, types of exposure and how HIV can be prevented. This presentation is NOT a workshop and not available for CEU credit.

However, we are releasing a companion CD WWWorkshop for CEU credit:
INTERPRETING HIV/AIDS: Special Considerations
by Amy Rubinger

This WWWorkshop discusses the challenges of working in an HIV/AIDS environment, discussing how to make appropriate word or sign choices as well as how to work in the appropriate register. Amy discusses the importance of understanding not only HIV/AIDS but also cultural and emotional challenges. Participants will be given a lesson to interpret, "HIV/AIDS 101" which is the presentation described above. This WWWorkshop focuses on the interpretation of HIV/AIDs information and Tony's presentation. .6 RID CEUs provided (or 6 hours for other CEU systems.)

Discover the Diane Difference!
Diane Linhart Lauer, REALTOR®, fluent American Sign Language Skills, 17 years experience working with deaf and hard of hearing - SWCID, SCHI, Arizona School for Deaf and Blind, San Antonio College, Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling for the Deaf, can help buy or sell property anywhere in Texas.
PO Box 1288
Md Hts, MO 63043