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November 30, 2004

M2005 Deaflympic Cultural Festival - Individual Tickets Now On Sale

From: TAJ Productions - Nov 30, 2004

M2005 Deaflympic Cultural Festival

Individual Tickets are now for sale!

Be blown away this summer! Come and celebrate
at the M2005 Deaflympic Cultural Festival.

"You will be touched, moved and inspired by the extraordinary abilities of these incredible performers this summer. " Alex Jones, Festival Director

This Cultural Festival is specifically designed for YOU! This festival is going to be like no other. You have never seen anything like this before and it is really going to be something you will never forget!

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To find out all about the Festival and what is in store for you, have a look here .

For your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, book your tickets for the Cultural Festival now at

It is that easy! This will be the talk of Melbourne in January 2005 - You will not want to miss out!

You will you be .

* Amazed at CONTRAPOSITION's awesome dancers.Be totally absorbed as the tapestry of emotion that makes us human is celebrated and redefined in this rich dance piece that exudes confidence and capability in a world of silence. You will find yourself enraptured in exquisite delight!
$40 Adult /$35 Child/Concession

* Tantalized as TOYS transcend reality.Not just for kids.magically these toys come alive and play with "their" audience - humour and love bring a greater understanding of life in their world.
$40 Adult /$35 Child/Concession

* Marvelling at MOSAIC's majestic movements.Dressed in identical black trench coats, five expressionless actors dart randomly across the stage. Gripped with fear they find security in their sameness. So begins Mosaic, an exploration of societal pressure to conform and the individual's need for freedom. Performed by Quest's international touring company, Mosaic will touch your soul.
$40 Adult /$35 Child/Concession

* Raving about RAINMAN's raincoat. Is it possible for one man to explain love, loneliness, time and life without saying a word? Max's flawless performance of "Rainman" leaves you wondering just how he does and all with not much more than old raincoat!
$30 Adult /$25 Child/Concession

* Head over heels in love with HEADS UP! . This vibrant & energetic cabaret show combines Auslan (Australian Sign Language), dance, sign-singing, Aboriginal Dreamtime, an upside-down Shakespearian version of Romeo & Juliet, improvisation, masks and Deaf culture!
$20 Adult /$15 Child/Concession

* Fascinated by the fabulous FILMS .Embrace Deaf culture with a rollercoaster ride of humour, love, anger, romance, pain, agony and joy.Join this unique celebration of human emotion and achievement made by the world's greatest Deaf film makers and all unveiled at the first ever International Deaf Film Festival hosted in Australia including a Short Film Competition - with the theme of "SPORTS"
$20 Adult /$15 Child/Concession

* Put on your fresh frock for the Award Ceremony..Meet and greet all those budding Deaf filmmakers with a glass of champagne in one hand and a plate of canapes in the other.
$60 (including drinks and canapes)

* Comedy and Moment night - Is there a stand up comedian in you? Can you touch, move and inspire people? What about just stand up and share your funniest story? What about your most embarrassing moment? How about signing them? It'll be all hands on deck for two of the biggest nights of hysterical laughter as we invite members of the deaf community to come tell their tale!
$30 Adult /$25 Child/Concession

A Celebration of Possibility

Bring your family and friends and be a part of this great CELEBRATION!
Be part of the M2005 Deaflympic Cultural Festival.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

Alex Jones Festival Director