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October 3, 2004

The 2005 CISS Presidency Candidacy By Deaf Anarchist Ammons: The Pinkhasov Pinchas Viewpoint

From: DEAFSPORTLAWSUIT - Oct 3, 2004

















On the eve of the coming 39th CISS Congress in 2005, in which it was yesterday ( October 2, 2004 ) learned that Donalda Ammons of USA has placed her candidacy for the position of the CISS/Deaflympics President, it will be helpful for you to better compare, examine and evaluate as to how Ammons – as the so-called CISS Secretary General/Interim President – treated different countries - CISS Nation-Members between 2000 and 2004.

Here are separate Case Studies of the following six randomly-selected countries: Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Yugoslavia and USA.

Case Study Number One: Indonesia

Facts: By the start of the 37th CISS Congress held in Rome, Italy, in 2001, this country failed to pay in full the annual CISS Membership dues ( $1,200.00 ). Such a non-payment was a violation of each of the following CISS Constitution 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 8.1.1,, and 8.2 rules.

Actions taken: A delegate of this country, who was in Rome, Italy, was denied the right to take part in the Congress sessions plus this country's declared nominee for the CISS Executive Committee ( "EC" ) - Harpalis Alwi - was not allowed to run as a candidate for the EC Member position.

Case Study Number Two: Italy

Facts: Since the end of the 19th Deaflympic Games and to now, the Italians have been having a multitude of problems with Ammons and her CISS administration, including the fact that there are still the two different national deaf sports organizations - FISS and CSSI. Each of these two organizations is claiming to be as an official representative of the deaf sports in the country. This situation, for instance, is in violation of the CISS Constitution rule 6.3.

Actions taken: Per instructions by the CISS, including by Ammons personally:

1) the Italian tennis teams - men and women – by showing up at the Team World Championships/Dresse and Maere Cups held in Poertschach, Austria, in June-July, 2003 - were not allowed to take part in the competitions;

2) the European Championship in Handball in Palermo was cancelled in May, 2004, and

3) this country was forbidden to send its team to participate at the 12th IMAFD Deaf World Martial Arts Championships held in Moscow, Russia, in May, 2004.

Case Study Number Three: Kazakhstan

Facts: By the start of the 37th CISS Congress this country failed to pay in full the annual CISS membership dues ( $250.00 ) plus it did not submit final entry papers in timely manner in order to allow its athletes to participate at the 19th Deaflympic Games. These two situations were in the CISS Constitution 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 8.1.1,, and 8.2 and Deaflympic Games Regulations 14. D rule violations.

Action taken: Although the 14-member delegation arrived in Rome for the 19th Deaflympic Games competitions, the CISS, including Ammons, completely denied for each Kazakh athlete the chance to participate at the Games. Instead, all of these athletes were sent back home "empty-handed," that is, without competing at the Games at all.

Case Study Number Four: Russia

Facts: This country registered its Women's Handball team to compete at the 19th Deaflympic Games. But, later on, that is, before the start of the Games, it decided to withdraw its team. This situation was in violation of the CISS Constitution rule 7.1.3 and Deaflympic Games Regulations rule 12.G. As a result of this team's withdrawal, this country was fined $2,500.00 by the CISS.

Action taken: After repeated warnings by the CISS, including by Ammons, before and during the 2001 Games that Russia would have to pay the $2,500.00 fine in full or all of its athletes in individual and team sports would have been disqualified from competing at the Games and denied the chance to receive their already earned medals at the Games, the Russians paid off the fine. As a result, Russia was allowed to collect a total of 49 medals (13 gold, 18 silver and 18 bronze ) its representatives won at the Games, which was the second best medal showing among the competing nations at the Games.

Case Study Number Five: Yugoslavia (now called Serbia and Montenegro )

Facts: This country failed to pay its annual CISS Membership dues ( $250.00 ) plus Games participation fee ( $480.00 ) by the end of the final matches of the Greco-Roman wrestling at the 19th Deaflympic Games on July 26, 2001 ( this country won two gold and one silver medals in this sport on that date). These situations were in violation of the CISS Constitution 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 8.1.1,, and 8.2 rules.

Action taken: On July 26, 2001, after a warning by the CISS, including by Ammons, to pay the CISS membership and Games participation fees in full or its three Greco Roman wrestlers - Games medal winners: Senad Rizvanovic in the 48 kg category ( gold ), Atilla Vajda in the 58 kg category (silver ) and Peter Tot in the 69 kg category ( gold ), would have been removed as the Games medal winners in the sport, the Yugoslavs paid off in full these fees.

Case Study Number Six: USA

Facts: This country in 2000, 2001 ( that is, before the start of the 37th CISS Congress and 19th Deaflympic Summer Games ) and 2003 ( that is, before the start of the 38th CISS Congress and 15th Deaflympic Winter Games ) failed to pay in full its annual CISS Membership dues ( $800.00 and 10% interest penalty ). Such situations were in violation of six ( 6 ) various rules of the CISS Constitution, namely, rules 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 8.1.1,, and 8.2.

Actions taken: Unlike the other above-mentioned countries, USA, by not paying the CISS membership dues in full, received by the Ammons-led and influenced CISS organization a very preferential treatment.

In lieu of failing to meet the requirements of certain CISS Constitution and

Deaflympic Games Regulations rules, among the other things:

1) USA delegates were still allowed to participate and vote at the 37th CISS Congress and 38th CISS Congress sessions;

2) USA nominee for the CISS EC - Ammons herself - was still allowed to participate in the 37th CISS Congress election session as the incumbent candidate for the CISS Secretary General position;

3) USA athletes were allowed to march in the Opening Ceremonies of the 19th Deaflympic Summer Games ( this was also done in additional violation of the Deaflympic Games Regulations rule 9.G );

4) USA earned an aggregate of 70 medals ( 25 gold, 22 silver and 23 bronze ) at the 19th Deaflympic Summer Games competitions - the most medals won by any nation at the Games;

5) Ammons - as an USA representative in the CISS EC - was still allowed to lead the 38th CISS Congress session meetings;

6) USA athletes were allowed to march in the Opening Ceremonies of the 15th Deaflympic Winter Games ( this was also done in additional violation of the Deaflympic Games Regulations rule 9.G );

7) USA was given the right to act as a host of the 16th Deafllympic Winter Games in 2007 (this was also done in additional violation of the Deaflympic Games Regulations rules 3.A and 3.G );

8) USA athletes earned an aggregate of 15 medals ( 2 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze ) at the 2003 Deaflympic Winter Games competitions ( six of these medals, including one gold, three silver and two bronze , were earned in additional violation of the Deaflympic Games Regulations rule 7.E ).

9) The CISS Home Office was relocated to the state of Maryland, USA. This was done without prior permission, consent and approval of the CISS Congress delegates (this was also done in violation of the CISS Constitution rules 10.2.7 and ).

10) The CISS Finance Report, including taking away $15,000.00 from the CISS Treasury funds by Ammons and Jerald Jordan ( he is an ex-CISS officer from USA ) for their personal legal expenses was approved by the delegates at the first day session of the 38th CISS Congress ( this was also done in additional violation of the CISS Constitution rules 10.2.3, and ).

In addition, there is a possibility that USA received another preferential treatment by the Ammons-led CISS recently.

It is still unclear as to how and why USA Men's Football team ( this team finished a distant 10th at the football tournament of the last Deaflympic Games in 2001 ) got "a free ride." That is, USA did not participate at the 2003 Pan American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which also at the same time served as a qualification round for gaining of the two berths from the region of the Americas for the coming 2005 Deaflympic Games' final round in Australia.

Four nations – Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico – showed up and competed at the Buenos Aires football tournament, while USA chose not to take a long trip there.

As a result, USA still somehow received a berth – an automatic one – to compete in the final round of the coming Deaflympic Games' football tournament in 2005 ( Argentina got the second berth ).


If the CISS strictly observed its Constitution and Deaflympic Games Regulations rules and if the CISS was free of autocratic presence and influence by both Ammons and her "behind-the-scenes advisor," so-called CISS Honorary Member for Life and "retiree," Jerald Jordan, inside its organization, then USA would have been banned from participating at the CISS Congress sessions in 2001 and 2003 as well as at the Deaflympic Games - both Summer in 2001 and Winter in 2003. With this scenario Ammons would not have herself been permitted to perform any role in the CISS hierarchy, including her being "re-elected" as the CISS Secretary General in 2001

By violating an aggregate of fifteen ( 15 ) rules: eleven - in the CISS Constitution and other four in the Deaflympic Games Regulations, USA received, unlike other above-mentioned countries, an unusually special treatment from the Ammons-influenced and controlled CISS organization.

Such a special treatment – a very unjustified and biased one - among the other things, included the fact that USA won a combined total of eighty five ( 85 ) medals, of which twenty seven ( 27 ) were gold, at the Deaflympic Games – Summer and Winter – in 2001 and 2003, respectively.

As a long-time and diligent student of the CISS/Deaflympic Games affairs, true internationalist as well as an ardently loyal patriot and proud citizen of USA, my adopted land of freedom, democracy and free speech, it is very painfully heartbreaking for me to reveal now to the world the following saddest and most regrettable fact: all these 85 medals were won by USA athletes illegally and in blatant violations of the CISS Constitution and Deaflympic Games Regulations rules!

For example, at the 2001 Games the final rankings in Men's Basketball were as follows:

1. USA

2. Slovenia

3. Lithuania

4. Sweden

5. Italy

6. Greece

7. Germany

8. Australia

9. Poland

10. Cyprus

11. Israel

12. Argentina

13. Ukraine

14. Japan

Since USA was in violation of the above-mentioned rules, the final rankings in Men's Basketball should be such as,

1. Slovenia - 2001 Deaflympic Games Champion

2. Lithuania - Silver Medalist

3. Sweden - Bronze Medalist

4. Italy

5. Greece

6. Germany

7. Australia

8. Poland

9. Cyprus

10. Israel

11. Argentina

12. Ukraine

13. Japan

14. USA - disqualified.

Another example was with the final rankings of the Ice Hockey event at the 2003 Deaflympic Winter Games:

1. Canada

2. Russia

3. USA

4. Finland

5. Sweden

6. Germany.

Since USA was in violation of certain rules, the final rankings should be such as,

1. Canada - 2003 Deaflympic Games Champion

2. Russia - Silver Medalist

3. Finland - Bronze Medalist

4. Sweden

5. Germany

6. USA - disqualified.

Thus, Ammons, along with her two accomplices in the CISS, utilized the tactics of lying, misleading, prejudice, secrecy, favoritism, intimidation, suppression and manipulation, by covering up the many facts before the world, especially among the non-English-speaking CISS Nation-Members.

More specifically, by concealing the fact – USA's CISS membership dues non-payment in full and in timely manner – Ammons, again, along with her two accomplices in the CISS, committed the greatest lie in the CISS history.

Ammons performed this inexcusable act – grand deception - in her self-interest, personal ambitions and to the huge detriment of the deaf sports movement.

Such an irresponsible behavior in the CISS by Ammons was ( and still is ) a complete contradiction of ideals, aims and spirit of fair play, rules compliance and implementation, international camaraderie and trust among the deaf people all over the world.

Unlike the two border neighbors of USA - Canada and Mexico ( athletes from these two nations took part at the 2003 regional Games ), the non-presence of a single USA athlete, including its football team, at the 2003 Pan American Games in Argentina was viewed as the acts of affront, disrespect and non-solidarity towards our deaf brothers and sisters in Latin America.

Again, a big question is up in the air: how and in what manner has USA Football team ( to this minute, USA is still the violator of the CISS legal structure ) got such "a favorable treatment" from the Ammons-managed CISS organization?

By abusing her positions in the CISS, Ammons also demonstrated her cowardice and total disregard to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport ( briefly known as CAS ). By breaking up over three hundred forty three ( 343 ) rules in the CISS legal system in the last four years, she had been adamantly evasive to voluntarily agree to submit to the full jurisdiction of this Lausanne-based international sports dispute judicial forum in order to contest my meritorious Statement Claim against her and her other two accomplices

( also read 9-17-2003 PENDING STATEMENT OF CLAIM BEFORE CAS under

Now, the USADSF – an affiliate member for the nation of USA in the CISS – for getting the many "favors" done for USA/USADSF by Ammons, has apparently decided to unanimously "reward" Ammons by re-nominating her name to a new 2005-2009 CISS EC term, including for the top position of the CISS President.

By reviewing all of the above, it can be clearly judged as to what kind of a CISS presidential candidate we have in Ammons these days. It can also be seen and compared as to how Ammons has, let me repeat, been treating different nations in the CISS family in spite of her fond and tireless publicizing of the famous CISS Motto – "Equal Through Sport" in English or "Per Ludos Aequailitas" in French!

Moreover, another fact should not be forgotten and overlooked: Ammons' July 21, 2001 statement made in front of the large foreign delegates' audience at the 37th CISS Congress floor podium such as,

"I have health problems, I want to retire from the CISS by 2005" or

"I just want to retire."

This public statement by Ammons – made both verbally and in print - in light of Ammons' recent renewed interest to serve the CISS EC for another term, now appears to be an empty talk, misleading and irresponsible public relations stunt scheme!

Finally, it should be noted that:

1) given Ammons' past and present performance as the fundamentally incompetent, inadequately-qualified and unsophisticated international sports administrator,

2) her inability to combat lawlessness, disorder, stagnation, discrimination, cronyism and even nepotism in the organization of the CISS,

3) her proven failure to professionally and ably cope with her different tasks in the CISS: General Secretary, Interim President, member of the Legal Commission and a person in charge of editing of the CISS e-News Magazine, and

4) in the event the coming 2005 CISS Congress delegates again decide to select Ammons to lead the organization of the CISS,

then it should be cautioned that the pattern – Ammons' rule violations, her questionable treatment of the Nation-Members and her staunchly pro-USA stance and advocacy in the CISS structure – will most likely continue!

Sincerely ( and Sportingly ) Yours,

Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas