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October 20, 2004

Response to: Sorenson VP-100 and DLink Debate about videophone

From: Lauren Burton - Oct 20, 2004

Hi, I would like to comment on Jesse Barkey's Sorenson VP-100 and D-Link Debate.

Sorenson is a corporation that seeks to maximize profit. CSD is a non-profit organization, CSD reinvest their profit back to the deaf community whereas Sorenson doesn't.

D-link is a manufacturer of the videophone, Sorenson creates programs for video compression, video communication technology and video services. Sorenson was not originally built for the deaf in "mind". According to, David Johnson was responible for making Sorenson outreach to the deaf community. "Mr. Johnson has played a critical role in developing and implementing the company-wide initiatives that began Sorenson VRS, and have grown Sorenson Media's revenues by ten fold."

CSD is partner with Sprint to provide Video Relay Service, unlikely Sorenson, Sprint/CSD gives their customers the freedom to use other relay services such as MCI Relay, AT&T Relay or Hamiliton Relay. Sorenson forbids their users to use other relay services than Sorenson Relay for profit purposes.

Sorenson is the sole responsible for the skyrocket VRS business but regulates unfair business to their customers. If Sorenson's customers wish to use other relay service on Sorenson VP-100, they will either face consquences of getting their VP-100 taken away or being warned. This is printed in Sorenson's manual book along with your VP-100.

Lauren Burton -