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October 20, 2004

Email News Service "Deafweekly" Launches

From: Deafweekly - Oct 20, 2004

For Immediate Release
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (Oct. 20, 2004)  -- A new service called DEAFWEEKLY, a free e-mail newsletter designed to help people keep up with news in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, published its first issue today. 
DEAFWEEKLY is filled with news reports from across the USA and around the world.  It covers all kinds of topics, including education, science, business, technology, arts, entertainment and sports.  It is mailed free of charge to subscribers every Wednesday morning.
You can read the premiere issue by clicking on
It's easy to subscribe to DEAFWEEKLY.  Simply visit and click on "subscribe."  Type your email address in the box and click on "register."  (You will receive a confirmation email ... be sure to reply in order to activate your subscription.  This prevents people from entering other people's email addresses.)
There is no need to give any other information or "create an account" or "log in with password" or any of the other things that make some websites more complicated than necessary.  The plan is to keep it simple, and you can see for yourself when you visit our site.
You can always read the current issue on our site if you choose not to subscribe, and back issues will be posted regularly.  A search function will be added soon to help readers locate information in back issues.
DEAFWEEKLY does not put anyone on the subscription mailing list without their permission, and does not share its mailing list with anyone.
DEAFWEEKLY is made available free of charge thanks to sponsors and advertisers.  If you are interested in advertising, please check our website for rates and details.
The newsletter is written and edited by Tom Willard, former editor of Silent News and Newswaves, and founder of Deaf Artists of America, Inc.  "With the recent demise of many deaf-related print publications, there is a strong need for this kind of service and a strong desire to raise the level of journalism in the deaf community," he said. 
Please feel free to share the news with anyone who might be interested in keeping up with the deaf community through DEAFWEEKLY.
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