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October 4, 2004

CIAMPI: Deaf-Mute Are Less Isolated With Multimedia Language

From: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, Italy - Oct 4, 2004

(AGI) - Rome, Oct. 4 - The web's symbols and icons and new multimedia technology web are seen as a natural evolution of signs and gestures, making communication vast and, more importantly, allowing everyone to communicate, even the deaf-mute. So, thanks to the new language, "speaking" in silence "has become easier and the silent community is informed, aware and prepared". These words were part of President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi's speech at a meeting held with the Protection and Assistance for Deaf-mute Directory Board and Italian athletes for Silent Sport. "In the age of globalisation- writes Ciampi - quickness is becoming more a priority and the concepts represented by symbols and icons are capable of speaking for synthetic images". The Head of State highlights that on the occasion of the meeting held at the Presidential Palace in 1999 with Board managers he had promised that "it would not just be a courtesy call but the start of a fruitful dialogue with suggestions and ideas" and today, as the occasion repeats itself with the presence of a delegation of silent sport athletes, "I am sure that there will be a positive outcome". Ciampi adds "in this framework and for every other type of capability, sport is an indispensable instrument, fundamental for the integration and improvement on the quality of life. Competitiveness and discipline in sports are, for our youth, important. The regularity in training educates one to put forth his effort sacrifice himself to reach a goal, reinforcing character and the capacity to adapt". Ciampi recalls that " you must be the protagonists of your future participating full heartedly in group choices". Humanism in the new millennium - adds Ciampi - is moving towards improving the quality of life and the fullness of being, "parameters that coincide with respect and promotion of dignity and freedom". And this is also why the presence of an Italian representation at the Silent Olympics, to be held in Melbourne, Australia January 5 through January 16, 2005, is important. "The champions who are present here today with their activity and their tenacity have not only reached an important sport objective but they have also defeated their disabilities. As I had mentioned to your colleagues who had paid me a visit upon my return from the Athens Olympics, you make me proud to be an Italian. Faced with this new challenge, go forth for Italy, for yourselves, for all of us. I will always be at your side". (AGI) - 041635 OTT 04

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