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May 4, 2004

7 Honored As Heroes

From: Omaha, NE - May 4, 2004

OMAHA, Neb. -- Seven people were named D.J.'s Heroes by the Salvation Army Monday for their leadership in the community. The award is named for D.J. Sokol, the son of David and Peggy Sokol of Omaha, who had been a role model to teens before losing his battle with cancer in 1999.

Those honored are:
• Viry Arroyo: This brave teen, burned and scarred in a tragic home fire that killer her two brothers, faces more surgery. But she maintains her spirits and her goals and asks for no special consideration. She is a passionate student always seeking ways to use her talents to give back to the community.
• Lindsay Bloombquist: A strong leader in the deaf community and role model for deaf children, Lindsay was the first deaf cheerleader at a Nebraska public high school and the first deaf lifeguard for the city of Omaha. Every day she shows that deaf people can do everything but hear.
• Leann Marie Bolte: Leann is the kind of teen achiever movies are written about. She's a leader in school and in the community. Her contributions are breathtaking. Leann sees a need and sets out to fill it before being asked. With a goal to become a physician, she's already shown she is a caregiver.
• Steve Laird: Steve is a dedicated servant to the needy. From leading fund-raising for food for poor families, to aiding the destitute in the Dominican Republic, where he lived without electricity or plumbing, to volunteering with severely handicapped children, he has shown courage and unselfishness.
• Jedediah Miller: This brave and determined teen has not let a medical condition that limits his ability to communicate and relate to others stop him from carrying out an amazing array of community projects -- from assistant scout master to church acolyte to library aide to Habitat for Humanity.
• Daniel Ramirez: The courage to stand alone, to attack injustice and intolerance, and the passion for doing right and making a difference, is the hallmark of this exceptional teen who takes a leadership role in his work for the community.
• John Furstenberg: This visionary leader dedicates his time helping the youth under his care -- from overseeing new construction to giving advice to initiating new programs. He also shares his time and talents with folks in town needing a helping hand. A true hero and role model for young people.

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