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March 4, 2004

UK: The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings! 4th March, 2004.

From: Subtitles @ your local cinema

Subtitled Along Came Polly, The Missing, The Passion of Christ and more ...

It's Thursday, around lunchtime, so it must be...
The Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings! 4th March, 2004.


NEWS! 78 new cinemas to be equipped with subtitle and audio description facilities.
Locations here:

Subtitled films coming soon:
Alexander, Catwoman, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Scooby-Doo Too, Starsky & Hutch, Troy, Bridget Jones 2, Cat in the Hat, Shark Tale, Shrek 2, Thunderbirds, Van Helsing, Welcome to the Jungle, Wimbledon and many more.


Along Came Polly subtitled (12a)

Colchester Odeon Thu 11th March at 8.45pm

Kingston Surrey Odeon Tue 9th March at 12.00noon Wed 10th March at 2.30pm, Thu 11th March at 4.50pm

Leicester Odeon Sun 7th March at 5.15pm, Mon 8th March at 7.30pm, Tue 9th March at 9.45pm

London - Uxbridge Odeon Sat 6th March at 11.50am, Wed 10th March at 2.00pm

London - Wimbledon Odeon Fri 5th March at 12.10pm, Sun 7th March at 12.10pm, Mon 8th March at 2.40pm
Tue 9th March at 4.50pm, Wed 10th March at 7.10pm, Thu 11th March at 9.30pm

Woking, Surrey Ambassadors Cinemas Sun 7th March at 4pm, Mon 8th March at 6.30pm, Wed 10th March at 4pm

Wolverhampton Cineworld Wed 10th March at 7.30pm


House of Sand and Fog subtitled (15)

Edinburgh Filmhouse Tues 9 March at 5.45pm
York City Screen Tue 9th March at 6.15pm, Wed 10th March at 6.15pm


The Missing subtitled (15)

Basingstoke Ster Century Wed 10th March at 2.15pm, 5.30pm 8.45pm
Leicester Odeon  Mon 8th March at 3.15pm, Tue 9th March at 6.15pm, Wed 10th March at 9.15pm
London - West End Odeon Sat 6th March at 1.55pm, Tue 9th March at 5.05pm


Something's Gotta Give subtitled (12a)

Guildford Surrey Odeon Tue 9th March at 6.05pm
London Uxbridge Odeon Wed 10th March at 8.25pm
London West End Odeon Sun 7th March at 12.20pm, Wed 10th March at 5.50pm


Return of the King subtitled (12a) (Lord of the Rings part 3)

Edinburgh Filmhouse Mon 12th April at 5pm
Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) Sat 13 March at 2pm, Mon 15 March at 4.30pm*may be rescheduled to 5pm
London Leicester Square Odeon Sun 7th March at 11am
Manchester UCI Sun 7th March at 3.45pm, Mon 8th March at 8pm


Haunted Mansion subtitled (PG)

Gateshead, Newcastle UCI Sun 7th March at 12.40pm, Thurs 11th March at 7.40pm
Newcastle Odeon Tue 9th March at 12.30pm, 2.20pm, 4.10pm, 5.50pm
Wolverhampton Cineworld Sat 6th March at 4.30pm, Sun 7th March at 4.30pm


Looney Tunes Back in Action subtitled (PG)

Kingston Surrey Odeon Sat 6th March at 12 noon, Sun 7th March at 12 noon
Wolverhampton Cineworld Thurs 4th March at 1.20pm


Big Fish subtitled (PG)

Kingston Surrey Odeon Thu 4th March at 6.15pm
London West End Warner Village Tue 2nd March at 4.50pm, Thurs 4th March at 4.50pm
Leicester Odeon Thurs 4th March at 3.45pm


School of Rock subtitled (PG)

Cardiff UCI Sun 7th March at 12 noon, Mon 8th March at 9.15pm
Gateshead, Newcastle UCI Thurs 4th March at 8.45pm
Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) Tues 23 March at 6pm
Guildford Surrey Odeon Thu 11th March at 5.35pm


A Mighty Wind subtitled (12a)
Edinburgh Filmhouse Sat 13th March at 3pm


Cheaper by the Dozen subtitled (PG)
London Uxbridge Odeon Sat 6th March at 7.15pm


Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets subtitled (PG)
Stirling Macroberts Arts Centre Friday 12th March at 4pm


Mystic River subtitled (15)
Wolverhampton Cineworld Mon 8th March at 6.30pm


The Last Samurai subtitled (15)
Kingston Surrey Odeon Mon 8th March at 6.45pm


The Station Agent subtitled (15)
Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) Sat 27th March at 2.45pm, Sun 28th March at 8.45pm


Peter Pan (PG) SIGNED ONLY (not subtitled)
Metro Cinema, Green Lane, Derby Sun 21 March at 4.15pm


The Passion of the Christ (18) (Ireland 15pg)
Coming late March, subtitled EVERYWHERE.

This film was filmed in the ancient languages of Latin and Aramaic and will be shown with English subtitles wherever it is screened. Please check your local cinema listings for dates and times.

More info on this controversial film here:

Spooky, but slightly amusing antidote: Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus, was struck by lightning while filming. Apparently, there was "smoke coming out of Caviezel's ears!"


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Many cinemas schedules are "SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION". Sometimes the files necessary for a subtitled or described film are not delivered to the cinema on time. The only way to be 100% sure is to check with the ACTUAL cinema before you plan a visit. But DOUBLE check, preferably with a manager. We recommend that you should always request confirmation that a show is definitely on.

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Request that your local cinema becomes 'accessible', by installing a digital subtitle & audio description system and then regularly screening the latest 'accessible' releases. Almost 150 films have been released in the past few years with digital cinema subtitles and/or audio description.

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Subtitles are usually produced before a film is released in the cinema.  The same basic subtitle 'text files' are later used for the DVD, video and TV release. But cinema films are rarely screened with subtitles. In 2004, 1 in 7 UK cinemas will catch up with other film media and become more accessible.


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NEWS! 78 more accessible cinemas on the way!

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