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March 25, 2004

Sorenson EnVision SL Video Relay Software

From: Sorenson Media - Mar 25, 2004

Sorenson EnVision SL Video Relay Software Connects Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals with the Hearing World

With Sorenson EnVision SL, a PC, Web Camera, and a High Speed Internet Connection Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals Can Easily Place or Receive Video Relay Calls

SALT LAKE CITY (March 24, 2004) - Sorenson Media's(r) video relay software, Sorenson EnVision(r) SL, is helping America's deaf and hard-of-hearing to communicate clearly and naturally with the hearing world through the free Sorenson Video Relay Service(tm) (VRS). When installed on a computer equipped with a Web camera and broadband Internet connection, the easy-to-use software links users to Sorenson VRS call centers and a reliable network of certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. The interpreter then contacts the hearing individual for the deaf Sorenson EnVision SL user and relays the conversation between the two parties. Hearing individuals are also able to place calls to deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals through Sorenson VRS.

Sorenson EnVision SL software, that can be downloaded for free, enables video relay communication to flow back and forth instantaneously through Sorenson VRS. Users see a clear, full-screen video window and can have multiple windows open on their computer screen. The software even allows deaf and hard-of-hearing users who can speak to voice their responses to the hearing party via a telephone as they conduct a video relay call. Additionally, Sorenson EnVision SL supports point-to-point calls in which deaf users can directly contact other deaf users.

Sorenson EnVision SL Produces High-Quality Video for PC Users

Sorenson EnVision SL gives users greater flexibly and produces high-quality, full-screen video images. Mark Mace, an information technology specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, needed to be able to view several windows on his computer at work as well as the video relay software window. "Before I used Sorenson EnVision SL software, I felt the VRS software options were limiting," Mace commented. "I also found that these video relay services only offered postage-stamp size views of the video. The small [video] windows made it difficult for me to converse back and forth with the interpreter. I felt much of the conversation wasn't understood and I had to repeat myself."

With Sorenson EnVision SL, Mace is now able to have a clear, full-screen view of the interpreter. "I like that I can adjust the screen size of the picture or move the image so that I am able to view other work windows on the screen. Sorenson VRS also helps me do my job efficiently and accomplish tasks that were hard to do with Text Telephone (TTY) or other services," said Mace. "Plus, Sorenson VRS is a nice solution because I am able to use ASL. Sorenson VRS has improved the way I do my job," commented Mace.

Video Relay Software is a Reliable Communication Solution

Sorenson VRS and Sorenson EnVision SL are successfully removing many of the age-old communication barriers between the hearing and deaf worlds. Michael Pimentel, a sports photographer, found it difficult to communicate with hearing clients using traditional TTY relay and other video relay services.

"Sometimes the TTY operators wouldn't type full messages. It was embarrassing because I was trying to communicate in a professional manner," said Pimentel. "Sometimes the person I was talking to would say it didn't make sense, or I would get messages from them that were garbled. This caused me to lose some jobs," lamented Pimentel. Even after switching to a particular video relay service, Pimentel found that not all VRS solutions were equal. "With software other than Sorenson EnVision SL the computer would shut down. The other software wasn't reliable, which also cost me jobs," commented Pimentel.

Pimentel no longer has to worry about losing a job because of slow or incomplete communication. "In the professional field, in major league soccer, Sorenson VRS and the Sorenson EnVision SL software has helped me make lots of calls to get jobs, just like a hearing person," said Pimentel. "I can call them on their cell phone, negotiate a contract, and be done with it."

Relay Technology Supports Voice Carry Over (VCO) Calls

Scot Ferre, a college graduate student, was born hard-of-hearing. When using the telephone, he can hear but doesn't always understand what the hearing person is saying. Ferre became more comfortable using ASL while communicating because it eliminated misunderstandings and delays, however; he still wanted to voice his own conversations, which is something that he could not do with text-based communication solutions. By using Sorenson VRS with the Sorenson EnVision SL software, he is able to voice his own words using VCO. The Sorenson VRS interpreter simply signs the hearing individual's comments back to Ferre so that he can respond by speaking over a standard telephone.

"That way I'm understood completely and the person on the other end of the phone line understands what is being said completely," said Ferre. "With Sorenson EnVision SL, you can see the emotion from the interpreter and the conversation flows so much faster. If you are using any other method or service, you are not getting the same message across as you would using Sorenson VRS and Sorenson EnVision SL.

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