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March 17, 2004

Elderly hit and run driver was registered deaf and blind

From: Ananova - England,UK - Mar 17, 2004

A hit and run driver who ran over a policeman in Romania turned out to be registered deaf, blind and 84-years-old.

Aurel Blidaru was on his way to collect his pension when he hit the off duty police officer in the western town of Timisoara.

He left the policeman lying in the road with a broken leg and drove off with police patrol cars in pursuit.

Officers said they could not believe it when he finally climbed out of the car wearing dark glasses and carrying a white stick.

Bildaru, who was now been stripped of his driving licence, said: "I didn't realise that I'd hit someone. I had a feeling I heard some kind of a noise but I thought it was coming from the car engine."

He added: "I've been driving since 1950 and I've never had any problems. I am registered as deaf and blind, but can still see a bit out of one eye, and I know the route so well to the bank that I don't usually have any problems. And I can hear fine - if people shout at least."

He said he was planning to ask for his licence back and was prepared to re-sit his driving test if necessary. He said: "I have never had any problems before."

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