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October 1, 2003


From: Oregonian, OR - Oct 1, 2003

Domenic needs parents who know sign language Domenic is an active and friendly 91/2 -year-old with many interests. He also is deaf. His sign language skills are good, and he enjoys participating in group discussion. He is curious about the world and asks a lot of questions. His care workers say he now understands that he deserves a safe, stable and supportive home. DOMENIC

Since he has been at the Oregon School for the Deaf, Domenic has made considerable progress. He quickly went from pre-primer reading level to grade level and now enjoys reading, although he needs to be encouraged. He can write well enough to communicate the basics with nonsigners and uses e-mail and instant messaging. He also is learning how to cooperate, share and make and keep friends.

In addition to being supportive and kind, Domenic's new parents must know sign language. Being able to communicate well with this improving but challenging boy is essential. -- Ralph Wells Domenic is among approximately 500 Oregon children available for adoption through the state, generally because of abuse or neglect. The Oregon Department of Human Services is interested in talking with all prospective adoptive or foster parents. For details, call The Boys and Girls Aid Society at 503-542-2392 or at 877-932-2734, ext. 2002 or DHS at 800-331-0503.

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