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October 1, 2003

DEAF And Dumb Palestinian Succumbs To Wounds After Nine Months

From: - Oct 1, 2003

Nablus - A Palestinian deaf and dumb succumbed to his wounds yesterday at one of the Nablus hospitals after nine months of struggle with a lethal Zionist bullet wound that paralyzed him for the past nine months.

His mother used to sit all day with him at hospital and his father remained with him all night and it was the turn of the mother when Shadi breathed his last.

The mother said that she went to Jordan to treat her son with the Palestinian Authority paying the costs but no progress was made in his case.

She said that the tragedy started when a Zionist sniper fired at her 15 years old child while he was playing with his friends, who fled the scene when they heard the sound of bullets and explosions but he could not hear a thing and was surprised at his friends for running away. A Zionist spiteful soldier fired at the little boy and a bullet penetrated the area between his ear and jaw.

He was carried by one of the citizens despite the showering bullets into one of the hospitals where he remained completely paralyzed in intensive care until his martyrdom.

Five of the mother's seven children are deaf and dumb like their father, who was also detained for 14 years in occupation jails and was hit with three Zionist bullets in 1988.

Shadi was laid to rest soon after his death and was buried in the martyrs' cemetery.

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