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August 1, 2003

School For Deaf And Blind Posts Supplies 'Wish List'

From: Carolina, SC - Aug 1, 2003

Teachers Hope Tax-Free Weekend Inspires Donations

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- One Upstate school has created a wish list and administrators are hoping shoppers heading for the stores on the tax-free holiday will help make up for what state budget cuts have taken away.

Classes at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind start in three weeks, but right now the supply closets, like the classrooms, are nearly empty.

Teachers said that the cabinets should be filled with all the basic needs that students will require on a daily basis during the school year.

In hopes of stocking those bare shelves, teachers came up with a wish list they hope the community will help them fill.

"It's most important that we provide those (supplies) for our students," said Linda Coon, a teacher at the school. "We have a lot of students who come into our school and they have no school supplies because their parents can't afford it."

The list includes everything from three-ring binders to computers, as well as basics like crayons, markers, pencils, paper and notebooks.

The school is also asking for donations of umbrellas and ponchos because students often walk outside from one building to another, teachers said.

"All of our students have special needs and so we feel that they deserve the best and we try to provide that for them here," Coon told News 4's Myra Ruiz.

People can help by shopping then stopping at the school to drop off supplies.

"It's just a matter of good civic responsibility that we all have a chance to share," donor David Goolsby said as he dropped off items at the school.

"The education of kids here, the education of kids in other parts of the state, is going to help make our communities, our state, much stronger," Goolsby said. "We'll all benefit from that directly or indirectly."

According to Coon, the School for the Deaf and Blind may be short on supplies, but it does not lack enthusiasm.

"We miss our students all summer long and so we're excited to see them come back," Coon said.

Donations can be dropped at the school or donors can make arrangements by calling (864) 577-7582

The complete Wish List is on the school's Web site at .

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