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July 10, 2003

Lawmakers Call For Deaf School Probe

From: KARK, AR - Jul 10, 2003

Story by The Associated Press

Legislators investigating leadership of the Arkansas schools for the deaf and blind are asking Governor Huckabee to investigate the actions of a board member who, they say, has been involved in several complaints.

At issue is the schools' board of trustees' request for the resignation of Arkansas School for the Deaf Superintendent Sandra Lunestad.

Legislators want Huckabee to consider dismissing Mark Riable from the board. Riable was on vacation and could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Legislators began looking at the board's actions last month after it voted 3-1 to call for the resignation of Lunestad. But the constitutionality of combining the superintendent positions for each of the schools has been questioned.

An opinion is pending from Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe.

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