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July 10, 2003

Free Software Allows Deaf to Communicate with Hearing

From: PRNewswire (press release) - Jul 10, 2003

NORTH HAVEN, Conn., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- SignTel(R), Inc. announced
today that the Signtel Interpreter software, which was developed with over
100 deaf and hard of hearing employees, is now free to individuals for
residential use and schools, under the "Free Signtel Interpreter Program". To
obtain the software, individuals can either copy it from friends or order a
disk on-line, from SignTel's web site ( ). Disks containing
the free Signtel Interpreter software ship for $6.95 per disk, which includes
shipping and handling. Direct downloads from the Internet are not available at
this time. The size of the Signtel Interpreter software would limit such
direct download only to users with fast processors and Broadband or DSL. The
Program presents an unusual opportunity for individuals using sign language or
wanting to learn it.
The Signtel Interpreter is a unique, cutting edge technology that
translates text into sign language viewed on a computer screen in real-time.
The product embraces artificial intelligence, complex lexical analysis,
recognizing over 30,000 words and over 1,400 idioms and phrases.
Some additional features are:

* Seamless connectivity between signs
* Text to speech conversion
* Conceptually accurate translation to sign language
* Correct signing for money, time, decimals, phone numbers, double
letters, names such as Mr. Brown
* Correct signing of multiple meaning words
* Built in spell checker
* Signing pop up window quickly translates emails and text documents
* Optional auxiliary feature ignores words such as "are," "the," "to"
* Drag and Drop feature to save text or bring it back for signing
* Signer's mouth visible clearly enunciating words, and much more

The Free Signtel Interpreter Program does not include the "Signtel
Interpreter VR. While it does not have speech recognition, it is the same in
every other way to the Signtel Interpreter VR.
"We want to enable individuals and schools to access such developed
technology," said Raanan Liebermann, President and CEO of SignTel(R), Inc.
SignTel(R), Inc., headquartered in North Haven Connecticut, develops
communication and security technologies for deaf and blind individuals. In
recent years SignTel(R) has developed over 20 patented or patent pending new
technologies. Signtel is the developer and manufacturer of the Signtel
Interpreter VR, with the state of the art speech recognition, which has
received high acclaims for its speech recognition accuracy.
For more information visit the company's website at .

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