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June 17, 2003

Sorenson Media Releases New Full Version of Sorenson EnVision SL Video Relay and Conferencing Software

From: Sorenson VRS (Press Release) - Jun 17, 2003

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Can Now Conduct Point-to-Point Calls and Video Relay Calls within New Version of Sorenson EnVision SL

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, (June 18, 2003)-Sorenson MediaT today released the new full version of its video relay and conferencing software, Sorenson EnVision® SL. The new version enables deaf and hard-of-hearing to conduct point-to-point video conference calls with other deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals as well as video relay calls with an interpreter without having to open another instance of Sorenson EnVision SL. The software application is free to download immediately once a Sorenson Video Relay ServiceT (VRS) account has been set up at

"Many deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals rely on video conferencing and/or video relay calls to communicate with each other and the hearing world, said Pat Nola, COO at Sorenson Media. "With this new release, Sorenson Media has made it possible for deaf and hard-of-hearing users to easily place both point-to-point video conference calls and video relay calls via a single menu within Sorenson EnVision SL. Now, instead of having to open a separate instance of Sorenson EnVision SL when switching between a video conference call or a video relay call with an outside interpreter users are able to simply select 'Call VRS' when placing a video relay call."

Sorenson EnVision SL is video relay and conferencing software for sign language users, which was specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the Sorenson VRS call center network over a broadband connection. It provides a superior video quality compared with other PC-based solutions. With Sorenson EnVision SL, a PC, Web camera, and a broadband connection, users can conduct video conference calls with other deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals as well as instantly connect to the Sorenson VRS Call Center over any type of broadband Internet connection - cable, DSL, T1 line, etc.

About Sorenson VRS

As a service to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, Sorenson Media developed the Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS), an exclusive integrated solution of videophones and video relay software that offers the highest-quality video relay service in the nation. In partnership with Gallaudet University Interpreting Service, the deaf and hard-of-hearing are able to conveniently place video relay calls to anyone through the Sorenson VP-100 videophone, Sorenson EnVision SL video relay software, or Microsoft® NetMeeting®. Hearing users who want to place a video relay call through a standard telephone line to a deaf or hard-of-hearing user can access Sorenson VRS by calling toll free (866) FAST-VRS or (866) 327-8877 and giving the contact information (i.e. name and videophone number, or IP address) to the video relay interpreter. Sorenson VRS takes care of the rest by routing the call with the user's preferences through the Sorenson VRS Call Center to a certified interpreting agent. For more details on Sorenson VRS, please visit

About Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media ( and is the recognized technology leader in video services, video compression, and video communication to improve the quality of communication over the Internet. The company's products and services include the industry's highest-quality video relay service, award winning video compression solutions, and the market-leading broadband Internet videophone technology.