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March 11, 2003

Oakwood Now Performs Cochlear Implants; Teams with Michigan Ear Institute to Restore Hearing

From: Business Wire (press release) - 11 Mar 2003

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DEARBORN, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 2003--Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center now offers hope to people with profound hearing loss through its new cochlear implant procedure. Oakwood has teamed with physicians from the renowned Michigan Ear Institute, Eric Sargent, M.D., FACS, Dennis Bojrab, M.D., Michael LaRourere, M.D. and Elias Michael Michaelides, M.D. to help restore hearing through placement of a "bionic ear" in the affected person. The cochlear implant team works closely with severely hearing impaired patients throughout the entire implant process. This includes surgical implantation of the bionic device, and extensive rehabilitation to regain hearing and speaking function.
The Clarion(R) CII Bionic Ear System used in the procedure is a highly technical prosthetic replacement for the cochlea (inner ear). The implant bypasses damaged parts of the inner ear and electronically stimulates the nerve of hearing. Part of the device is surgically implanted in the skull behind the ear and tiny wires are inserted into the cochlea. The other part of the device is external and has a microphone, a speech processor that converts sound into electrical impulses.
Cochlear implants have become the standard for treatment of people with profound hearing loss, who desire to use spoken language. Over 12,000 adults and children worldwide have received a cochlear implant. The cochlear implants are designed to last a lifetime and can be worn in everyday activities, and sports.
The first implant procedure took place at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center, March 10, performed by Dr. Sargent. He is the former Director of Otology/Neurology at St. Louis University and has participated in clinical trials of new cochlear implant technology.
The Michigan Ear Institute is internationally known for its diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the ear and related structure. Now, teamed with Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center, the cochlear implant program offers hope and world-class expertise for adults and children.
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