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March 11, 2003


From: - 11 Mar 2003 is a new online directory of worldwide
resources for and about people with combined vision and
hearing loss.

St. Paul, MN: Helen Keller is a household name. But do you
know about… Laura Bridgman, Danny Delcambre, or your
elderly neighbor? …The modern technology and communication
methods deafblind people use in daily life? …Where to find
information and assistance if you experience vision and
hearing loss?

The general public has little knowledge about what it is
like to be deafblind. People who are deafblind themselves
have limited access to sights, sounds, and information. A
new web site,, is designed to
close the information gap for both populations. showcases a vast collection of
deafblindness information and resources in Minnesota and
from around the world. Its Consumer Resource Guides aim to
inform and empower adults, youth, families, and senior
citizens with dual sensory impairment.

Adrienne Haugen is one of several deafblind Minnesotans who
provided feedback during the development of Haugen noted, "everything's all in one
place and it's WONDERFUL to see this web site providing so
much information that is necessary for every deafblind
[person] to know about."

The site's logo features many hands of different sizes and
colors reaching toward an open book. Designed to represent
making deafblindness-related information accessible, the
image also draws attention to the human hand, used by
deafblind people to communicate, listen, read, navigate,
sense and shape their environment. was developed with a grant from the
Minnesota Department of Human Services, Deaf and Hard of
Hearing Services Division. The site was launched on December
2, 2002.


Marisa Bennett, Webmaster
Minnesota's Online Resource about
Combined Vision and Hearing Loss