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March 26, 2003

Mobile Device Keeps Deaf Informed and Safe

From: DeafMobile - 26 Mar 2003

With war upon us and the constant threat of domestic terrorism looming,
it has never been as important for the Deaf community to stay connected
and informed. The challenge for the mobile Deaf community becomes the
ability to access important information and public safety alerts.

Two companies are stepping up to offer a solution to this dilemma.
DeafMobile, a wireless data provider to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
communities, offers a device called the SideKick. This all-in-one
wireless data device allows users continuous access to email, instant
messaging, and the internet. SideKick users can even have important
news alerts delivered to their pager anytime anywhere.

The Emergency Email Network is a public service, which provides county
and city governments and select public agencies direct access to
citizens via their pager cell phone and computer email. This service is
free to the public and will send an alert to your mobile device in the
event of natural disasters and other emergencies in your area.

"In these uncertain times it is extremely important for the Deaf and
Hard of Hearing communities to stay informed and able to contact family
and friends wherever they may be," says Bill Trout CEO of DeafMobile
Corporation. "We feel the SideKick coupled with the Emergency Email
Network service is the best way to accomplish this," says Trout.

Users can sign up for the Emergency Email Network via their web site, The SideKick can be purchased directly from
DeafMobile via their web site,