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March 14, 2003

Guilty Plea In 1995 Murder Trial

From: KYW, PA - 14 Mar 2003

(KYW) (PHILADELPHIA) Police say they never though they would find the person who killed 21-year-old Blanche Van Guilder in 1995. Then, a man walked into the police station with his pastor and confessed.

Alexander Crespo says he was high on numerous drugs the day of the murder and says something inside him told him to kill that next person he saw. Unfortunately, he says that person was Van Guilder, a deaf woman who was walking hand in hand with her boyfriend along a Kensington street.

The investigation had dragged on for years and police had no leads until Crespo entered a police station last spring and confessed to everything saying he had found God and God wanted him to come forward.

On Friday, he plead guilty to third-degree murder after testifying about the events and offering apologies to all involved. The family says they will keep him in their prayers along with Blanche and expressed thanks that the ordeal is finally over.

Crespo was praised by the judge who sentenced him to 20-40 years in prison saying he will enlighten fellow inmates.

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