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March 14, 2003


From: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (English Version), Italy - 14 Mar 2003

(AGI) - Rome, Italy, March 14 - The Cabinet approved the Rules for the Reform of Atypical Schools and Institutes (formerly called institutes for the blind and deaf). The rules intend to define the role of these scholastic institutes in relation to the scholastic policy guidelines that have modified their end aim, expanding to all types of handicaps.
   The atypical institutes will be ordered as bodies with the aim of supporting the autonomy of schools in order to scholastically integrate those with hearing and vision problems.
   The Institutes for Deaf and Blind in Rome, Milan, and Palermo are part of a lone body called the National Association of Support for the Integration of the Deaf, with headquarters in Rome.
   The public institute Augusto Romagnoli, specialised for teachers who will work with students with vision problems, has been transformed into the National Association of Support for the Integration of the Blind "Augusto Romagnoli." The statute and the internal rules can foresee the placement of the associations in regional, inter-regional, or territorial centres, in relation to the concrete needs of the support activities for autonomy of schools. (AGI)
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