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January 16, 2003

Deaf Debt Control Club

From: OCDAC, CA - 16 Jan 2003

Monthly debt payments getting out of your reach?

Help us help you make payments on your cards as a member of our
Deaf Debt Control Club. This will be in connection with Orange
County Deaf Advocacy Center's newly expanded fundraising program.

You help us out at our fundraisers and we will give you up to 1/3*
of the net proceeds as checks toward your credit card balance. It's
as simple as that! A few hours of your time may mean a good size
check sent toward your credit card account.

There's no membership fee and anyone who owes credit cards are
eligible for this program. Only other qualifications is being able
to participate at our fundraisers and while this program is geared
to residents of California, we welcome anyone to our new club.
Referring new members to us will mean a bigger share of the

Applying for membership has never been easier than sending us copies
of your social security card and a copy of the payment stubs of your
credit cards.

All information submitted to us will be treated with the highest
confidence and protected with the latest security measures available
to us.


Send us copies of your social security card, credit card payment stubs
showing balance and monthly payment amount to:

Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
c/o Deaf Debt Control Club
2960 Main Street
Suite 330
Irvine, California 92614

And an independent contractor and non-disclosure agreements will be mailed
to you for you to complete and return to us before you are engaged in any
of our projects.

State your interest by joining our exclusive mailing list to announce our
members of upcomming events. Reply to this address with your request.


This is a program that is a win-win for OCDAC and the community we

Richard Roehm
Fundraiser Chairperson

Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
2960 Main Street
Suite 100
Irvine, California 92614

(*) 1/3 applies to net proceeds exceeding $5,000 on a given month.
This is possible as demonstrated at our fundraiser booth at Deaf Expo
in Ontario last November.