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December 18, 2002

Seattle Father And Son's New Alphabet Discovery Helps Parents, Kids And Teachers Communicate Better Worldwide

From: Internet Wire (press release) - 18 Dec 2002

SEATTLE, WA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 12/18/2002 -- In his book about "The New Alphabet," David Edgin explains how by carefully listening to his infant son Jomy learn to talk back in 1980, he accidentally discovered that the modern English alphabet developed from the sounds that all human babies naturally make. His new Ebook took over 20 years to complete and uses more than 100 colorful illustrations, plus programmed learning and a creative "Alphabet Workbook" to help parents, kids and teachers (including the deaf and hard of hearing) around the world learn how our English alphabet letters and words were originally created from those natural sounds. ESL and EFL readers will be excited to find that the "Word Creation" basics they learn about in English also work in other languages.

When the Administrative Liaison for The Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts learned about David Edgin's book, she emailed him saying: "David, got your alphabet book via Ruth McClain (Executive Director of the Council) and it is terrific; I will share it with all my literacy specialists." Dr. Sharon Yates, Director - South Regional Professional Development Center Ohio University Southern Campus.

Not long after Dr. Yates wrote David Edgin, Dr. Margaret Magnus, Co-founder of the international Linguistic Iconism Association, began to communicate with him via email from Norway and in one message said, "I couldn't sleep last night, so I was up reading your pdf files at around 2:00 am. Very wonderful!" Through Dr. Magnus, David Edgin began to share "The New Alphabet" Ebook with linguistic experts around the world.

While designing his "The New Alphabet" website from the Ebook this summer, David Edgin was lucky enough to have another expert, Arlene Midget Clausell, Diversity Officer for the West Virginia English Language Arts Council and a Title 1 Reading Specialist for grades K-12 review his Ebook and website. Her review said, "Children and adults will enjoy the representation that you have made. Children will be drawn to your flying alphabet people. They won't even realize that they are learning very important information. This is quite a marvelous piece of work." "Thanks again for the honor of reviewing your work.” David Edgin also felt honored to have another expert’s strong support, since "The Seattle Schools" had said several years before that the same alphabet ideas (which he tried to share with their teachers and staff) "had no basis in fact" and never to contact them again.

At the website, parents, kids, and teachers worldwide can learn to say the natural sounds and see a new and better way to understand our letters, our words, and penmanship, free online; plus download a free Ebook version of the website and Art Gallery in a user friendly browser. Visitors can also purchase "Super Coollectable Kid's Art" and the full version 200+ page Ebook securely online with a 30 day money back guarantee. Full version Ebook readers will also learn the probable origins of numbers, math symbols, punctuation signs, and geometric shapes, plus experience how the energy we communicate with works in a new electromagnetic science that David Edgin, an industrial engineer, discovered and humorously, yet very scientifically explains. At present, the Ebooks and art are only available from his website. David Edgin also likes to use music to teach classes to sing the natural sounds. You can download a free for 30 day copy of "The New Alphabet" (The First Book in History to Clearly Explain How Children Naturally Communicate) to review by clicking and a free Ebook version of the website by clicking

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